How I Celebrated the Full Moon

I did a little painting! I've wanted to paint the Goddess Icon in warm tones, typically reserved for the God, for some time. It is a theme I believe I will continue, as I feel it is a true joining of the two. Also, I have had the urge to paint on wood for some time. I layered a few warmer tones on this square of wood I bought, and as they dried I was quite elated to see how they had played with the natural grain of the wood.

I also love how She floats over these warm tones. They don't seem to be encroaching upon Her or enveloping Her, but rather allowing Her to be. Part of Her, as She seems to be a part of it.

I dunno. I just painted it. What do YOU think? (Of course, if you like it, click here to buy it!)

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Acrylic & Watercolor on Wood


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