Lucifer (New Poem)


Would I have done it differently?

Faced with commands and little masters
Is it different from the Underground Railroad?
Told to serve.
Given masters and told they're better.

I would run, at least, want to run.
I know I'd talk about it. Fantasize
about it.
Freedom: the Great Wet Dream.

If told I was the first draft
relegated to adoring the final product,
told what my place would be

whether I liked it or not,

if told I had no option, for there
had never been an option

I can imagine turning around,
closing my eyes, sticking my
middle finger in the air


Except, since it's biblical, we call it



  1. Fun poem; I often think that if I had a greater flair for the dramatic and known what it was really about 5 years ago, I might have started into LaVey's Satanism instead of Wicca. As it is, I've gone another way in my life, but I can't deny that "satanic" thoughts like what you shared here don't cross my mind from time to time, lol


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