Attention Chicago Area Pagans!

Today is Chicago Pagan Pride! Since I can't hop on my broom to Salem, I'm going to hop on my pitchfork and head to Oak Park, IL - the site of this year's Chicago Pagan Pride!

The event runs from 11a-6p. Click the link above for full details. I'll be there bright eyed and bushy-tailed by 11a-11:30a and probably stay a couple hours at least. Come find me! I'd love to meet some Rioters! (You can't miss the unbelievably tall blonde guy.)

Will YOU be at this year's Pagan Pride?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I don't live in the Chicago area, though I will be attending my own local Pagan Pride Day this weekend. I can't wait.


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