Episode 59: Inciting A Motivated Riot

Episode 59 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A Motivated Riot. We’ll be looking back over my last 6 months of the Do The Stuff challenge as well as motivating YOU to do the same!

News: Jeremy Hoven, calling your ex 65000 times, GOP debates, Troy Davis/Death penalty musings, Facebook is more important than fruit, Super Earth

Word of the Day: Contumacious

Sociology: Building fences

Gripe Department: Grocery store self-checkouts

Spirituality: Do The Stuff recap

Music: Paper Bag - Anna Nalick

Poetry: The Playground

Feedback: Why Agnostics & anonymous commenters.

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  1. Regarding your comment in the podcast about anonymous comments (especially of the rude variety), I'd say don't allow them at all. I've been getting trolled for almost a year by one insane guy somewhere in the UK - he impersonated family members, made threats against me, went after my friends, all sorts of stuff - so now I don't allow any anonymous comments or input on any of my online listings. Comments are either totally disabled, or else everything is moderated. I learned the hard way that if I let people say whatever they like without revealing their identity - they will.

  2. My issue is more with those folks that give those 1 or 2 star ratings on Podbean and iTunes but don't say why. They do it to a number of us. If the show is so bad, why do you continue to listen, and why don't you email the host(s) and tell them how to improve?

    I've gotten emails, ratings, and comments from quite a number of folks that say they hate the show, but for some reason keep listening. It's like people listen just to piss themselves off. One of the reasons I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly on a regular basis is because it's not good for one's blood pressure to constantly have one's blood boil.

    Oh well... As I was reminded today: if you want to have a public personae, it's just part of the gig.


  3. Just listened to Episode 59 yesterday. Once again your topics are thought provoking. Someone needs to light a fire under comfortable thinking, and you do that so well. It's helped me see the other side of issues that I might not have before.

    I really like the idea of starting my own Do The Stuff challenge for my spiritual practice, mainly because I could use a boost in that area. Thank you so much for Inciting A Riot!


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