Mark your calendars!

Rioters in the Chicago area, I have a couple of events you might like to attend.

Witchy Wearables, my local witchy shop, is having an 8th anniversary craft fair October 1st & 2nd. (Saturday & Sunday) I've been to several of their craft fairs, and they always have some of the best, most unique vendors around. Until this year. Yes, that's right. I've gotten word that they've allowed a talentless hack into the bunch.


Rioters, it's going to be my first craft fair! I'm thrilled! I'll be selling prints, original pieces, and photography all day both days. Stop by to say hi, to get a piece of artwork (signed in person by the artist *& Chief Rioter), and to see all the other wonderful vendors. I'll be able to accept all forms of payment - yes, that includes credit cards (because smartphones are crazy/scary/awesome things) - so don't worry about finding an ATM. 

Can't wait to see you there in 2 weeks! Are YOU going?!

Witchy Wearables is also putting on a halloween event - the Vampire Ball. From their website:

Are you going to put on some fangs and join the fun? If you want to pay in advance, you can click here to pay via PayPal or stop in the store anytime in advance. 

Hope to see you at the craft fair, Rioters!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. You need an "awesome" check box down where it says right and wrong and funny. I am really wishing I lived in Chicago!


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