Rise Ashes (New Poem)

Rise Ashes

What if I were ashes. Would I rise
or something else?
Product does not evolve nor become
base parts.
If ashes I became would I float
or  in the sleeping be at rest.
burned - no - changed - no
would there be a Together again?

The good thing about ashes is that
right before the white-and-charcoal
the film flips and black paper shows
white words, highlighted words.

Something about this makes a kind of sense,

an Aha! sense

in that only moment
before playing on wind currents beyond


  1. oh, and I like the poem too... I just get caught up when I find a word I really like.

  2. "If ashes I became would I float
    or in the sleeping be at rest."
    Great image, absolutely love it.


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