Wildfires and Rain Spells

Yesterday, I got one of those calls that every person who lives far apart from their families loathes getting. My dad called to tell me that a wildfire had caught in my hometown and had already burned two houses and was getting out of control fast. Luckily, he said, a wind had begun to blow in the direction away from my parents' house and my childhood home was saved.

But, they were the lucky ones.

According to reports from that area's news agencies, Texas - and some of the surrounding areas - have not had significant rainfall in 18 months. Reports say this is the worse drought in Texas history. Ever. The worst. And, growing up, I lived through my share of very long spells of drought in serious heat. However, this year it is coupled with 180 days straight of highs over 100 degrees. Every day. The ground is parched. The trees are limp and brittle. The tiniest spark burns down entire towns.

Thankfully, my parents are healthy and they have remained so throughout this ordeal. Plenty of people have not, however, and many around the state have lost their lives, their livelihoods, or - at least - their quality of life because of this intense period of heat and drought.

I have said many times in the past that I have no love for my time in Texas, and that is still true to an extent. I went through some traumas while growing up there, gained some scars that don't seem to want to heal, but I have loved ones in the state. Many of you do as well.

Well, we're witches, right? And, if my stats are to be believed, there are a hell of a lot of Rioters out there in the world. All of those witches, and all of those witches' witchy friends, and all of those witchy friends' witchy friends....if all of those magical folk got together and concerted their efforts on one day... Do you think we might make a difference? I'm hoping so.

I know this is soon, but Texas - and the Texans in Texas - can't wait any longer. This Saturday, all day, I'm calling on each and every Rioter - despite your religious background, belief or lack thereof in magic, experience working spells, etc. - to do some rain magic for Texas. For all the areas experiencing Drought (with a capital 'D').

If you don't practice magic, then pray for rain. If you don't pray, then send good thoughts. But, do something. Give of your energy. If you'd like and are able, give to one of the many charities and relief organizations out there. There are natural disasters everywhere in the country right now. Hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and tornadoes have done a number throughout this great country of ours. But, just for one day, just for one spell, just for one bit of your energy and time, this Saturday, send some of your attention/energy/magic/prayer/etc. to Texas.

And, please, spread this around! RT this to all your Twitter followers! Post this on your Facebook page! Get all your witchy and non-witchy friends in on the fun! Involve your kids and family! Make it an event! Make it FUN! The better, happier, and livelier the energy, the better the magic. Toast large glasses of water to the Divine. Play with your kids in the sprinkler. Go to the pool if you can. Get in touch with the energy of Water. Let's make it Rain! Use hashtag #TexasRainMagic so that we can all keep up with who is participating!

So... Who's with me?

By the way, if you don't know of any good rain magic, or if you haven't ever cast a rain spell before, I've attached a copy of the Rain Spell from my personal Book of Shadows below. Feel free to use it or tweak it for your purposes! Also, feel free to post your rain spell of choice in the comments below!

One last thing: If you post up a link or tweet a picture using the hashtag #TexasRainMagic on Saturday of your ritual/spell/etc. dedicated to this project, you'll be automatically entered to win a fantastic prize. This is both an incentive to get you to join and a way of saying thanks for doing so. Let's make it rain!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Rain Spell

In a large pot or your cauldron, if it’s big enough, combine water (the best water for this is from a rainstorm), heather (to attract the rain clouds), broom (to raise the winds), and fern (to cause the rain to fall). Boil these contents outdoors if possible, but indoors can work, too, in a pinch. Stir them with your wand or broom/besom until the potion comes to a boil. Let these vapors work up into the clouds while visualizing the wild nature of a true rainstorm. Once the spell is said and the potion is ready, cast the contents into the wind. Be careful, the oncoming storm can pack quite a punch, especially if your emotions were particularly charged during the casting.

Spirits of the Air hear this plea.
Raise the winds; bring clouds to me.
Stir them; churn them; whip them ‘round.
When they’re filled, let rain pour down.
Rain shall fall, and waters flow.
Cleanse the land so dry below.
Rain until you’ve quenched my thirst,
and drenched the lands of Mother Earth.


  1. I'll do what I can for those having a hard time with the drought. I would gladly give the rain I've had all day here in Florida to those who need it.

  2. The Southern Area Type I Fire Team "Wilder" which I have worked on many times is now in place to Manage the fire near Austin. They could use any and all help!

    Peter Dybing

  3. A concern with the spell, for this particular application...we've got PLENTY of wind! Wind is NOT our friend in Texas right now, it's what's contributing to the rapid spread of the fires. We need rain. Lots and lots of big fat wet drops. A friend posted up this site as a great visualization aid for those of us having a hard time *really* remembering what a good soaking rain sounds/feels like. --> http://www.rainymood.com/

    To get some perspective, here's a map of the fire & smoke coverage in Texas. (You can zoom/drag to check out other areas as well.) --> http://www.wunderground.com/wundermap/?lat=31.48489&lon=-100.41504&zoom=6&type=map&units=english&top=fire&rad=0&wxsn=0&svr=0&cams=0&sat=0&riv=0&mm=0&hur=0&fire=1&fire.sat=1&fire.smk=1&fire.day=7&fire.hrmin=0&fire.hrmax=24&fire.opa=70&fire.mode=0&tor=0&ndfd=0&pix=0&dir=0&ads=0&tfk=0&ski=0

  4. True, heartflare. Like I said, this is the generic Rain Spell from my person BOS. It would probably be wise to tweak it to the situation at hand, as one should do with any spell. If wind isn't the problem, then that's the part that needs tweaking! :-)

    Perhaps one could say these or similar words:

    Nymphs of Water, Sylphs of Air
    send to Texas clouds so fair.
    Full of water, full of life,
    let the waters end their strife.
    Rain shall fall and waters flow.
    Cleanse the land so dry below.
    Rain until you've quenched their thirst
    and drenched the lands of Mother Earth.

    How's that?


  5. We had A LOT of rain in New Brunswick, Canada this Spring (we also had a lot of snow last winter, along with bitterly cold temperatures, which I DID NOT LIKE), to the point where Spring never really materialized, and we NBers went from Winter right into Summer. I wish I could send some of that rain to Texas.

    I will definitely direct some energy towards TX this Saturday.

  6. Beautiful spellwork - thank you for sharing it.

    I think we forget how much impact our intentions can have at a distance.


  7. Thank you Eliora! I'm hoping all of us working together around the country (and the world) will have a positive impact on the situation! It, at least, can't hurt...right?


  8. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I live directly in the middle of these fires. I also work for an insurance company, and therefore have become involved in the heartache of those who have lost more than just their homes. My family will be joining in with our Pagan Community to send all the energy we can spare to help out our friends, family and neighbors suffering, and to help the healing process begin. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  9. I found your blog via Witchvox. I always enjoyed your articles and am even happier to discover there's MORE of your work on the internet! I myself live in the Big D (Dallas) and have seen the smoke and haze from these fires that are no doubt effecting your family. I didn't find this until today, so I missed your Saturday Let's Make it Rain day, but I thought you might want to know our forecast shows a 30-50% chance of rain for the next eight days, including today. Magick or coincidence, who knows. I also feel like you should know that we got a solid 15 minutes of rain today. Doesn't seem like much, but after I-don't-even-know-how-many days of over 105F, it was truly a blessing. If I'm not mistaken, this past Saturday was also Full Moon. Again, coincidence, or Magick?

    Oh, it just started raining again!
    Blessing unto you, Fire Lyte, and everyone else that worked their spells for this to happen.
    Goddess, I could cry right now. It's beautiful.


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