Episode 60: Inciting A Scientific Riot

Episode 60 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A Scientific Riot. We’ve got 4 very smart, very educated, very pagan guests today to discuss some of the bigger questions about faith and community from a scientific perspective. These pagan podkin each have advanced degrees in their fields. This is possibly in my top 3 favorite shows of all time, and I’m so glad it can coincide with my 2 year podiversary!

Our guest smartypants were:

Reish Shin - Reish Rambling Podcast
Tweet: @RshShn

Kathleen Borealis - Borealis Meditation
Tweet: @Geo4Pagans

Aria Nightingale - Appalachian Witch Doctor Tales
Tweet: @AriaNightingale

Sophia Catherine
Tweet: @SophiaCandle

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  1. Thank you so much for having me on the show! It was awesome!
    I love that you refer to my almost-BA/BS as an advanced degree :p

  2. It was my pleasure! And, hey, a college degree IS an advanced degree! (I have to keep reminding myself of that every time I think, 'Now WHY did I get this BS?!')


  3. Thank you for this.

    While I wouldn't call myself pagan, I find the ideas and philosophies appealing. And I've tried magic with some amount of success in the past. But it seems that every time I read or listen to "subject matter experts", I have to cringe at the amount of stuff that is repeated that I know to be wrong. Hearing some obviously educated people sharing their ideas and experiences has restored some of my sanity!


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