Guess what time it is?!


October is the month where a few things happen. Namely: All the costs of the Riot come a-callin'. So, I turn to you, my dear Rioters, to hold my hand out and say "Pretty, pretty please!"

Here's the thing. Inciting A Riot is a labor of love, and I am humbled and pleased to say that it has gotten bigger than I ever anticipated. I've increased the bandwidth on the Podbean account so that downloads aren't interrupted. We give away swag every month via the site. There are guests and co-hosts and guest writers and Project Pagan Enough and...well...a whole host of Riots being incited all over the interwebs.

So, we'z be havin a Riot-o-thon this month. Until October 31 we are in full-blown shmooze mode. But, of course, where there are donations...there is SWAG!

What kind of swag, you ask? Let me just say I have an overwhelming stack of SHWAG! We're talking primo stuff. You have the opportunity to win either books, artwork, or some astoundingly BEAUTIFUL creations from the Riot's newest sponsor: Eliora!

Every few days, I'll upload new pics to tease a buck or 3 out of your Starbuck's fund and into helping move the Riot forward into 2012. There are a couple ways to donate:

  1. A one time donation. Any amount. Large, small, or somewhere in between. Perhaps you forego a delicious pumpkin spice latte. Hmm... Wait... That's tantamount to sinning. Ok, skip a chai tttteeeeaaa...... Yeah, ok... Skip digging through the $5 movie bin. Do that. And then donate that to the Riot. 
    • A one time donation gets you an entry into winning one of several amazing prizes.
  2. A subscription donation! Sign up to give $1 or $5 (possibly more?) on a monthly basis. Subscription donations make it immensely easier to guarantee I can keep up with getting new swag and doing amazing things for you, the Rioters!
    • A subscription donation gets you 3 entries into winning some SHWAG!
Remember! There are three prizes that will be drawn!

Now, folks, there is a GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE that includes prizes from all 3 categories as a way to say Thank You to those Rioters that really go out of their way to support the Riot. A book, a piece of art, AND multiple GORGEOUS items from the Riot's newest sponsor, Eliora. To enter to win the GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE - and be named Most Radical Rioter - submit a one-time donation of at least $20 or a $5 subscription for at least 5 months. 

As I said before, pictures of each of these swag items will be up throughout the month. Click that PayPal donate button on the side and support the Riot! I'm hoping to not just pay to keep up the costs of the Riot and set some aside for swag, but to also give to charities and organizations doing good work around the world. With your help, the Riot can become even better in 2012!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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