I have a new baby!

Like many of you, I have a longing to give of myself. To take care of others. This is why Partner and I have our dog Kika and our cat Bella. We love them, and they, in turn, show us love.

Well, today, we finally stopped talking about it and actually made a new addition to our family. We both have been wanting to do this for some time, but it can really be a matter of time and money more than anything. Anytime you add to your life, it takes an investment. Now, though, that our new bundle is home and all settled in I thought I'd share!

Meet the new addition to the Riot household...

Did I get ya?

If you're anything like we are, life does not exist until coffee. For me, I cannot drink the stuff. But, just like with alcohol, I can drink it when mixed with lots of other, better tasting things. Like vanilla and whipped cream and milk and ice - and possibly pumpkin mix if I can get my hands on any. Our poor Tassimo that we previously owned bit the dust almost a year ago, and we never got around to replacing it. 

Finally, after much lamentation over the amount of money I burn at Starbucks, we bit the bullet and got a new one. I love it already. I'm thinking it should have a name. Maybe Toss? Tass? Essie the Espresso maker? 

Do you name your appliances? Am I being a weird new parent? Can you relate? Do you love caffeine as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. One of my friends, who's a harpist, named her harp Tiona. But although I'm cool with naming instruments (my violin remains nameless to this day), I think naming a small appliance is pushing it.

    Though I admit that I call my Olympus Evolt E-510 DSLR my "baby".

  2. My friend named her ice-maker Enrique. I'm not sure why...but he does go a little over the top with the ice making now and then.

    I don't name my appliances, but have a handsome tree in the front yard name Antonio. He looks good ALL the time! ;)

  3. I thought you got a rabbit. lol I make espresso with a small Italian Moka pot but I want a machine that will steam and make that creamy bubbly milk/half&half awesomeness for my coffee. Ugh.

    You can try this recipe for the season: http://bit.ly/qt5CGM

  4. My laptop's name is Sonic. It is blue and it got here about five days ahead of schedule. My desktop's name is Donatello. I get funny looks for naming things but some stuff just earns it.

    I need coffee. Without it I get grumpy and mean. As I sit here, I am sipping on simple Maxwell House coffee with Peppermint Mocha flavor in it.

  5. Hehe well...I don't usually name my appliances, but when I do, I prefer dorky names.
    My laptop is Dja-Seqedit (Ancient Egyptian names for computers? Yes.), and my hard drives are Storm, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler. My thumbdrives are Pliny, Moira, Red, and Misty Knight (bonus points if you can spot the theme here). Ohh, and my cast iron skillets are named--Wynona and Big Mamma.

    You definitely have my vote for Essie, though if you're as much of a caffeine junkie as me, it might be more honest to just name her Tina. *picks at arm* Gonna make me some Turkish!


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