Riot-O-Thon Update: The Swag!

Remember at the beginning of the month where I announced the month long Riot-O-Thon? Remember how I said that I'd be teasing you with swag later on in the month? Well, today is the first tease! I'm revealing the Grand Prize Package!

For those Rioters that give at least $20 (or a $5/month subscription), I think they should get the opportunity to get a little bit more back. My way of showing gratitude. And, I have to say, with the Riot-O-Thon halfway over, there are quite a few very generous Rioters who are in this category. I thank you in advance!


The Grand Prize Package includes:

  • The title of Most Radical Rioter Ever!
  • A swag package worthy of PPSM! It includes Nocturne by Syrie James in hardback (which is special, as it's gone to paperback), a print of your choosing from my Etsy shop, and 2 gorgeous creations from the Riot's newest sponsor, Eliora! 
    • If you are interested in Eliora's creations, and would like to purchase them directly, you may contact her on Facebook or by calling the ladies at Witchy Wearables in Midlothian, IL to place a phone order. You can ask for a custom order from Eliora, and she can also recreate anything from either the Witchy Wearable site or the Facebook page just for you!
Nocturne by Syrie James, a print of your choice (I chose Above & Below), a beautiful, hand-painted bottle, and a box of delightful incense from Eliora.

Now, I have a surprise! There's a Runner Up Package! Because the outpouring of love for the Riot has been pretty overwhelming, I'm putting together a 2nd place package. To qualify for the 2nd place package, donate $10 or more (or a $3/month subscription). There have been a lot of Rioters that have taken part in the Riot-O-Thon, and I'm working to add a few more prizes. As of now, we're looking at about 5 different folks who will win a swag package. Again, from the bottom of my pitchfork, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!

You make the Riot worth Inciting (nearly) every day!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

PS. Some of you have been asking, "Hey Fire Lyte, that Recurring Donation thing sounds great, but how do I do it?" Well, dear Rioter, here is your answer via PayPal's very happy announcer. Thanks in advance!


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