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Before I go any further, I feel obligated to wave, bat my eyes, and welcome back Effy Wild (formerly Feithline Stuart of Spiritscast and Fey from Dark Side of Fey). She's podcasting again with a show that is as mellow and delightful as ever: Under One Moon. It's good to hear her voice again. Her new show is about the place where creativity and spirituality meet, an endeavor I've spent much of 2011 undertaking. You can subscribe to it through iTunes or stream it live from her site. Do that.

Her second episode was about mission statements, specifically regarding one's personal spiritual explorations. Companies, organizations, even school clubs all have a mission statement, but shouldn't your spiritual life have a mission statement? I realize that a spiritual mission statement might be a bit more vague than, "Increase customer base and improve sales by a margin of 20% over Last Year," but shouldn't we have some kind of direction on our path?

I love this idea. So many people in 2011 are the Book Store or Wikipedia pagans, blithely looking up random bits of information for what seems like sport. (Tangent: This is also what I refer to as the Index Pagan, who wants to know all about love spells so they look it up in the back of the book, but forget to read all the bits about proper spell-casting and such. It just makes for lazy spiritual education.)

Look, we're not curing cancer or anything, but we are attempting to better ourselves and possibly understand the infinite, which is something I have talked time and again about doing with fervor. 'Seek God like a man with his head on fire seeks water,' says Elizabeth Gilbert.

But we cannot all run around with our heads on fire, wildly dashing about trying to find the nearest pool of liquid and hope it's not gasoline. A mission statement is a statement of purpose. What is YOUR purpose in spiritual study? Do you want to lead a calmer life, using spiritual practice to vent the ick from your mundane life? Do you want to understand deep mysteries and learn to work magic? Do you want to be all unique and cool and practice some weird, esoteric form of eastern mysticism just because it freaks people out and you also get cool bonus points for getting to scoff at how tragic all of us muggles are?

What is it YOU want?

Of course, a post like this wouldn't be complete without a contribution from me. I wrote this mission statement (of sorts) about 4 years ago. Yes, I wrote it while rereading Eat Pray Love, and yes it is a bit...airy. But, I still like it and it still works for me, so poo on you. One of the interesting things about it is that it is an acronym. That's not interesting. What is interesting is that I did not intend to create an acronym. In fact, it wasn't until I'd written it all down that I looked and realized that it had accidentally become an acronym. I suppose one could say that this falls in the realm of No Accidents, in which I sat down to write what I wanted out of life and told myself I wanted to LAUGH. (Full text below.)

Share YOUR mission statement in the comments section below. I'd absolutely love to read it! Since tonight is a full moon, if you're participating in the Do The Stuff challenge tonight would be a good time to write a mission statement if you don't already have one!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

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Let your devotion to the All, and Its aspects the Goddess and God, permeate your existence until you cannot tell where you begin and They end.
Allow yourself to be content with your place in this life, realizing that while you are no better than anyone else, you should never put your Spirit under someone else’s feet.
Understand the power and weight of your words, never interrupting others, or hurting, belittling, self-promoting, lying, or otherwise injuring yourself or others with them.
Give of yourself, even if you have not been asked, for you were not always where you are now, and one day you will need others to give to you.
Have faith that you are never going to have all the answers, and that all of the time it’s ok to ask for help.


  1. All right: my mission statement is....
    I want to figure out how the universe works. I want to figure out its language. And do magic, which is part of deciphering that.

  2. I think learning to deal with yourself and "handle your business" is a big part of spritaulity that many people seem to skip, especially in the pagan community. How can you be an effective Witch when your life is a mess or you have little confidence or self-respect?!

    May I dance betwixt the shadows
    of the darkness in the light.
    Always in reverence of it All
    but never losing sight
    of all I have,
    of who I am,
    of what I have to offer
    of all I have yet to learn.

    I would like to be at peace with myself and to have confidence no matter what situation I am in, no matter what others have done to me or who they might envision me to be. My deepening relationship with Persephone was helped me understand what needs to be done and how much I have accomplished thus far :)

  3. Oops,typing in the dark without my illuminated keyboard..that was supposed to be "the darkness and the light"

  4. Lori: I actually LOVE the typing error version. Darkness and Light are not mutually exclusive. Keep it!

    FL: I will begin writing-up my own mission as soon as I figure out what exactly my mission is! (I also added Index Pagan to the Lexicon.)

  5. Lori: I have to agree with Mnemosyne- the type is great. Keep it.

    FL- I think at this point my mission statement is as simple as participating more in my beliefs, and just to keep learning.

    I've only recently realised how little time I spend on my beliefs, whether it's performing rituals and blessings, or reading a new book in order to learn more. I've become so consumed by being a full-time caretaker for my parents that I've lost nearly every major part of myself, and my spirituality has suffered the most.

  6. Honor the gods, honor life, honor yourself and others. Walk in truth and honesty and just be yourself. (I have also made a point to practice something every few days even if it is just posting a blog post about spiritual practices or performing a full moon ritual.)


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