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Every now and then on the blog, you'll hear me talk about how far away I live from my family. Sometimes when lamenting the distance between myself and said family I'll get folks leaving comments or sending emails telling me to either move back home or get over it. Neither option is something that is going to happen. There are a number of reasons I left home. Needed to leave home. Needed to leave my small town where I was drowning and becoming more and more lost.

And then something happens that makes all the reasons I left home seem insignificant as to have been silly.

My Grandfather was rushed to the hospital this morning. Last night (Thanksgiving night) he was having trouble breathing. Apparently, he has been having trouble breathing. (Guess the grandchild that lives 1500 miles away gets that bit of information late.) This morning, he was still having a lot of trouble breathing and, despite his determination that he was fine, my family took him to the hospital.

The day has been fraught with waiting and hearing too little information from people that don't seem to know what they're talking about and me texting "Hey! Any updates?" and waiting anxiously to hear back from my mother and when he was finally seen by the right doctors they didn't seem to have many answers and...

It's just really been delightful.

All the ridiculous junk of the day summed up, my grandfather had a heart attack last night. It was caused by a serious lack of oxygen because of said inability to breathe. He first saw a cardiologist that didn't even look at his lungs nor prescribe anything for the breathing. It wasn't until this evening that he finally saw his regular doctor, who prescribed medication for his lungs and is going to make sure he is able to take oxygen at home. (Didn't realize that was a 'get approved for' kind of thing. So noted.) He's stable for now, but is staying overnight and will take a stress test tomorrow morning.

I'm stressing a bit, because he's 80-years-old, and a person that has a heart attack is more likely to have a second one. And, because your heart has been damaged, the second one can be much worse. But, all this is because I'm far too analytical (haven't figured that out by now, have you?) and when something like this happens my mind fills with statistics and Discovery channel and episodes of Grey's Anatomy, none of which are very healthy to be thinking about. Ever.

What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving, huh?

I tweeted this out earlier, and there have been dozens of well-wishes sent in. I appreciate every single one. Thank you! Many have asked if they can do healing magic, send energy, etc. All positive energy is, of course, very welcome. He lives in East Texas, for those of you that like to know that kind of thing.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Good luck. I hope he gets better and this was just a minor blip on a much longer healthy life for him. I'll be sending comfort and health to both of you!

  2. *HUGS* Honey we will keep you & your dear Grandpa in our prayers. I hope he comes through this right as rain!


  3. Hugs to you & best wishes for your Grandpa. My father became very ill last year when he was over 1000kms away, & I too was very frustrated by the lack of information. So, I went straight to the docter & called him direct at the hospital a few times a day. Hope this works for you if you need it too.

  4. Keeping you and the family in my thoughts. I know from personal experience how difficult something like this can be. Sending you and family from my sincerest will peace, love and wholeness. You may be far away from the situation but not alone as you are in the thoughts of many.


  5. (((**HUGS**)))

    Sending prayers and good energy. I know how it feels to be so completely different from your family but to love them fiercely and fully anyways

  6. Sending some healing energy to Grandfather Fire Lyte. Get well soon!!

    Off-topic, where in east Texas does he live? I'm originally from that area and have family still there. I can certainly understand about moving away from there, I now live in New Hampshire.

  7. Sending a bit healing energy and some get well wishes to your Grandfather. I know what it's like to worry about loved ones that are far away and no information about what's going on.

  8. So sorry to hear this, sweetie. I only just got out of a holiday tryptophanic coma and didn't read this until now. I went through a similar experience and it is not fun. Especially when you can't do anything to help but wait and try to be hopeful. There are no words of comfort that can help someone going through what you are, but love helps and you certainly have that. I love you, FL. I hope your grandfather recovers fully and enjoys many many years to come. Stay strong. -Moz

  9. Hopefully everything is fine and excellent and dandy by now. Still I'd like to let you know that you and your Grandpa are being kept present in my prayers, and lit a candle for him. May the Divine (in my case God) and all Their Precious Energy and Blessings be with you and your Grandpa and keep you company every step of the way.

  10. I know how you feel Fire Lyte. A few years ago my grandmother had a heart attack on the day before thanksgiving. Since it was supposed to be at her house we ended up somberly eating pizza that year. She is still alive but it totally sucked. May blessings be on you and your family.


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