Hot Coffee and Bad Food

Howdy, Rioters!

First off: THANK YOU for sticking with me the past few days! Blogging and podcasting are always a little tough at this time of year - can I get a What! What! from those in retail? - and I have so much I've been meaning to blog. (Which probably means you can expect some word vomit in the next few days.)

For those of you that like a good documentary, I HIGHLY recommend the movie Hot Coffee. It is one of the smartest, most well-thought-out documentaries I have seen in a number of years. It tells its side of the story with such poise, I honestly believe it could be a contender for this year's Academy Awards. Hot Coffee is about blowing the lid off of the idea of frivolous lawsuits. This country has had it ground into our collective conscious that our courts are overrun with frivolous, "jackpot" lawsuits. The banal terms "tort reform" and the ideas of businesses going out of business because they were victims of lawsuit abuse have become talked about so much, we have sort of assumed they were true.

Like most folks, I grew up hearing about the lady that spilled McDonald's hot coffee on her lap and then sued for millions. And, when you say it like that, she sounds like a moron and the judgment sounds unfair. Then, I went to college and took classes on ethics, civil law, etc. This case comes up often, because it sounds the most ludicrous. This movie begins with the story of the lady who spilled coffee on herself and why she received the settlement that she did.

After this movie, I would be willing to bet that your opinion on her case will change.

The documentary then goes on to tell greater, possibly more insidious, tales of what it really means to cap a lawsuit settlement at a fixed amount. It exposes how big business has actually spun our politicians and our media into believe the lies of frivolous lawsuits, "tort reform", etc. Big business. Not grassroots organizations. Not small business owners. And not hundreds or thousands of lottery lawsuits supposedly clogging our system. Big. Business. (Occupy, anyone?)

I know it sounds dull, and it might even sound like something you would never in a million years watch, Central helped in its production and distribution. You will find it incredibly entertaining and beyond informative. At least, I did. The story is told and told well. The trailer for the movie and a clip from the Colbert Report's interview discussing the movie can be found below.

In Real Food Challenge News: I am an absolute failure. I did well over the summer, but as soon as the weather started turning, so did I. Right to the starches and the carbs and all the junk I could find. Now, I could be all intellectual and academic about it and pass off these bad habits as simple evolution and instinct, our body's natural way of making sure that we survive winter by packing on the pounds. But, it's 2011, and I live in a house with climate control. I don't need to pack on any pounds. I just have no self-control. I could possibly also chock it up to my increasingly ridiculous work schedule that seems to be created just to make me sleep deprived and irate. (Praise be to Caffeina! You have kept many a shopper from getting a pitchfork to the face these last few days.)

How are you all doing with this year's Real Food Challenge? Are you sticking to healthy, whole foods, or have you, too, fallen off the wagon (and right into a pie) like me? I am still not giving my money to fast food, and I am not going out to eat, so that's good. Right? All the junk I'm eating is food I've cooked myself, so that's something.

And that something is about 5 pounds on my waistline that will not go away until I pick up the celery and increase the mileage at the gym. LOL...

In all seriousness, Rioters, I hope you all have an incredible Thanksgiving. I am thankful for each and every one of you! THANK YOU for sticking with me this year, despite some pretty big ups and some pretty big downs. I have love for each and every one of you.

In case I don't get the opportunity tomorrow, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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