Seriously... Let Mercedes Sing!

And now, for something that is incredibly important: Glee.

I am really loving this season of Glee. It's really gotten back to stories - shocker - about the characters. But, see, I have this issue. Lea Michele, the Barbra Streisand lookalike, who plays Rachel on the show is seen as the lead character on the show, despite the ensemble nature of the cast and the fact that most everyone on the show gets a chance for some serious storyline work and character development.

There's one character, however, that I think has had less and less and less development - and definitely less solos - than she deserves...


This. Girl. Can. Sing. Amber Riley - the actress who plays Mercedes - has a voice that most folks would give a body part to have. She's hilarious, sassy, and in the past has had some of the biggest standout songs on the show. 

In short: Me Lovey Lovey Mercedes Much Much, and I'm forever curious as to why they're not letting her sing! 

I remember that earlier this season, the character actually attempted to stand out on her own by auditioning for the lead role in the school production of West Side Story. She won it, but had to share it with...guess who!...Rachel. So, she turned it down, saying she was really sick of playing second fiddle to her, when she can sing just as good - if not much, much better - than her. Rachel even agreed that Mercedes sang better. Since Mercedes. Sure, she did some duets with Santana a couple of weeks ago, but those were definitely vehicles for Santana's character, as they didn't show off Mercedes' serious vocal chops. 

I want more Mercedes!!! Who's with me? #LetMercedesSing! 

Though, a half naked Chord Overstreet can be seen in a promo for next week's show, which promises his return and more stories for my girl with the vehicular name. 

Do YOU love Glee?

And now, we return you to your regularly scheduled Riot. Tomorrow.

Love and Lyte, 

Fire Lyte


  1. I watch Glee, but I can't stand either of them, Lea Michelle was amazing in Spring Awakening but I am done with her as Rachel!!!
    And Amber-Mercedes is equally Annoying they should both move on and let somebody different take the spot light,
    I want them to let Britney have her moment again, Santana's story line is probably going to fade the same way Kurt's did ....

  2. I have a tiny in with Glee: I'm friends with Jane Lynch's family. From what I'm told, Kurt and Blaine's storyline is about to blow up! Sebastian is coming back in a pretty big way. I think Santana, possibly just because she's pretty and is a Junior, is going to be poised to take over as lead or co-lead once Rachel graduates.

    Britney just got elected class president. You KNOW that's going to lead to mayhem. And Pixie Sticks.

  3. *checks*

    Yes, I am still a man.

    LOL... I realize I sound, contrarily, like a 12-year-old girl.

  4. F L, we all sound like school girls when talking about Glee.

  5. I used to love Glee until I saw the awful things they did to Santana last night.

  6. What can I say? Gotta support someone w/my name even if she's just a character lol. So, I say Let Mercedes Sing!

  7. My kid and I love Glee.We have all the music and sing it in the car! Jane Lynch seriously rocks she is a fave! What would we do without Glee or Pixie sticks?

  8. I like the characters a lot, but I've lost my interest in the show because of the idiocy the school lets the bullies get away with. It is beyond unrealistic.


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