Are YOU Ready for Nogwatch?

The first Nogwatch decorations in the world!  - @WickedWitch1987
If you haven't listened to the most recent episode of Inciting A Brewhaha, then you haven't heard of the newly minted tradition of Nogwatch. However, if you have been around the podiosphere or the pagan blogosphere in the last year or so, you've heard of the great and mighty Nog. For your reference, a picture of one incarnation of the Nog is below.

The Nog is the spirit of the collective Pagan Podkin, and, thusly, a symbol of the little community of listeners, bloggers, and podcasters that sort of make up our fledgling online family. So, beginning this year, we are starting a new tradition, the tradition of Nogwatch!

The Great and Mighty Nog visits all those podkin and podlovers on the longest night of the year - Yule! It makes sure that all are fearing and honoring the Nog, and if you are showing due trepidation and genuflecting then you'll be blessed with even more awesome sauce in the coming year! Some ideas for how you can honor the Nog this Yuletide:

  • Leave out marshmallows, possibly formed in the shape of babies. As we all know, the Nog loves the taste of baby. Unfortunately, the marshmallows just don't quite cut it for the Nog. So, you might want to leave out some ketchup with which the Nog may dip the marshmallows, simulating the blood that will sate the Almighty Nog. 
  • Put out a Nog effigy. Find the creepiest, scariest, most hideous monster you can scrounge up. Place it out where the Nog can find it. Now, we're not technically sure where the Nog enters the house, so you might want to put one in a few places. Anywhere except the fireplace. A window. Next to your child's crib. Close to your liquor cabinet. Somewhere...appropriate.
  • Two words: Red. Wine. We're pagan. Red wine sort of applies to any celebration, what with it being a ceremonial substitute for blood and such. Applies here, too. Ain't that convenient?
  • Make an Evil Diorama. You can write the names of your enemies on some Ghost of Christmas Future style headstones so that the Nog knows who to go after. Also, you can write down all your evil deeds for the year so that the Nog may know you are one of the chosen and that you are honoring It by spreading the Gospel of Nog. Which, of course, is wickedness and discord.
Feel free to add your own traditions in the comments section below. This is sort of our response to the idea of Krampus, La Befana, and several other traditions around the world. Yule, Christmas, Solstice, etc. used to have an element of the darker side of the year - hey, it's the longest night of the year...pretty dark stuff - and we've gotten away from that. This can be fun and a great way to enjoy a bit of fellowship with your fellowship podlovers, as well as get a bit witchy at this time of year. 

Remember to honor the Nog on Yule night with Nogwatch! And for more fun, keep up with #NogWatch on Twitter! I can't wait to see all your Nogwatch pictures!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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