Get Up and MOVE!!! (Shake that Mercury Retro off)

Mercury finally went direct around the middle of this week. For at least the past couple of years, Mercury has gone retrograde right smack in the middle of the holidays. While the logical side of my brain wants to say:

Mercury Retrograde?! Pshaw! That's just Seasonal Affective Disorder combined with the hectic nature of the holidays, going into debt to get little Timmy the Wii/Zelda bundle, and working longer hours in your crappy retail job!

But the spiritual side of my brain is starting to say things like:


Seriously, I was thiiiiis close to making a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. (That's a Once Upon a Time reference, folks.) 


Mercury isn't retrograde anymore, and there is still a little over a week until Christmas. (spare the anti-Christmas hate mail) Less than a week until Yule. Still, you have some shopping/decorating/breathing days between now and your celebration of choice. 

Side note: Last night I went to a Christmas party for Partner's work. Lemme say...if there is anyone out there that gets to complain about being beaten over the head with the "Jesus is the reason for the season" stuff, it would be me. Today. Seriously, the owner of his clinic and his wife both read lengthy selections from the New Testament. I'm not against the Bible, but...not at a party. Still not complaining. Ok, I guess I just did, but whatever...

Either way, we need to shake it off! Wake UP! Shed that lingering Mercury Retro funk. Wipe that "if one more person says Merry Christmas, I'm going to shove my athame up their..." right off. And DANCE! Nothing wakes me up more than putting on some good music and dancing like no one is watching. When no one is watching. At home. Behind locked doors. 

I've put a few selections below to get your Friday off right, but feel free to add your favorite dance track in the comments section below!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. OK these are what popped to mind when you said dance

    First up, Simarik by Tarkan (google him now and thank me later - he's the Justin Timberlake of Turkish pop and cute as a button)

    Second - Jump in the Line by Harry Belefonte. I like playing this calypso beat on very cold days to get me moving:

    Third - Bambaleo by the Gypsy Kings. If doesn't get you moving, there's no hope for you:

    Fourth - Another song I love practicing shimmy drills to Shakira's Suerte (you may have heard it in English as Wherever, Whenever):

    Fifth, I couldn't help but mentioning a little K-pop, Firelyte and fellow rioters, let me introduce you to Taeyang (you are welcome):

    Sixth, I WISH I could dance like this, but for now I'll love the music and dance as best as I can:

    Seventh(and last for now), as Firelyte and Enrique Iglesias say, we should dance. Bailamos!:

  2. I love Once Upon A Time! And the songs you chose as well. Hope you have a good holiday season! :)

  3. I find most 80s New Wave ("You Spin Me 'Round" & "Tainted Love" anyone?)and more recent bands like Franz Ferdinand and The Rapture make me want to dance...seriously, take a listen to FF's Ulysses and if you don't feel like dancing there's something a bit off with you! j/k :-p

  4. I forgot to add some links to some dance radio station listings...these should help keep the party going!

  5. Suave (kiss me) by Nayer : Fun song to dance to.

    Britney Spears I Wanna Go :

    Do me my P-square: It's a fun Nigerian pop song.

    21st. Century girl by Willow Smith:
    No I am not a preteen girl, physically anyway. The video does have a cool witchy beginning.

    You're welcome lol!


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