Peace Out 2011!

2011 was a good year in many respects. I had the same job for the entire year, and I only had 1 job for the entire year. I haven't had just one job that paid all of my bills in quite a few years. I'm used to working 2+ jobs or hopping from one job to the next following the money. This year was different, better, in fact, because I was able to find a bit of stability. Sure, sometimes the one job didn't quite make as many ends meet as I'd like, but Partner and I ended the year better than we have in some time. Thank Goddess for small blessings, right?

I began a few small projects this year, chief amongst them being putting my artwork out for all the world to see. I've been incredibly blessed that my paintings have been so well received. I thank each and every one of you that have purchased a piece of my art and put it up in your home. Whether it's an original or print, you've really enhanced my life by validating this side of my life. In gratitude, I'd like to extend a 10% off coupon to each of you. Enter Coupon Code Goodbye11 for an 11% discount on anything in the shop!

The Riot podcast has grown and expanded beyond anything I could have thought. We've had a number of authors, guest podcasters, Big Name Pagans, and the like joining in the Riot all year long. It's been incredible! I could not have furthered such a show without you.

Here on the blog, I am about to celebrate my third year! In just a few days, this here little blog will be 3 years old, and I will have been Fire Lyte for the same amount of time. I still find it pretty incredible that anybody reads this blog, and that it is discussed with the regularity that it is. Many of you have found this site through my articles on WitchVox or through mentions on other's podcasts or blogs. However you found this site I consider it a blessing, too, that you join me here for your nearly daily dose of Riot.

Being a blogger and podcaster has done a lot for me, adding to my own spiritual, educational, and personal journeys. It has forced me to delve deeper into my understanding of magic and the divine, and where I fit in the cosmic scheme.

There are a few changes coming up in 2012, but we'll talk about those in 2012. I realize some of you are wondering if the Riot is disappearing. It's not. So, without going any further, just know that I'm not canceling anything, neither the blog nor podcast. But, some things will be changing, in both very big and very small ways.

I'm not very big on resolutions, but I do have some goals. Most of them, in the New Year, are financial in nature. Pay things off. Save up a certain amount. That kind of thing. What are YOUR goals in 2012? Is there anything you'd like the Riot to do in 2012?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Happy New Year! I am thrilled to hear the Riot will not be going away! I just found the blog and podcast this year and both have become a habit. Thank you for the time and effort you put forth in both. I plan to take better care of my health this next year. I have Systemic Lupus and 2011 has been an adjustment phase. My true goal and desire for 2012 is to start a foundation in memory of my son. It will be a foundation to help parents with funeral costs in the loss of a child. Without the peace that I have found in myself, neither of these goals would be possible. I have you to thank for some of that new found peace by introducing me to Signe Pike's Fairy Tale. So, keep up the great work and I wish you joy and many blessings for the new year and beyond! Also, I think "Trickster" may have a have a home with Moon Dance soon!
    Blessed be, Liz aka Witchkittybell...


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