Rick Perry is out of the race! (Congrats Newt!)

After seeing this video, I have to raise my pitchfork to Newt Gingrich and say, "Welcome to the Big Time, formerly disgraced speaker of the house who was a total skeeze when he left both of his previous wives under crappy circumstances and is now surging ahead in the polls because another candidate that also had a cheating scandal was forced by public opinion to resign, yet the public seems to be okay with a guy who hasn't done anything except lobby and fundraise for the last 15 years taking the frontrunner spot. You're the Republican Nominee!"

Mitt Romney seems to finally be losing his grip on that 22-ish% that he's had the past year or so, and the only other person in the race with a remote chance at the candidacy - Rick Perry - just put out this political ad:


Let's all take a moment and mourn the passing of Rick Perry's presidential campaign. Gay rights are more popular than ever in this country, and it is untrue that children cannot celebrate Christmas and that they cannot pray in schools. It's cheap. It's pandering. And it has over 150,000 dislikes on YouTube - compared to 3,400 likes.

Goodbye Rick Perry. We shall fondly remember you as you were.

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  1. You've gotten a big ol' LOL from me.

  2. I live in Iowa and according to the polls here Newt is in the lead. But who are they polling? I would like to think that Iowans are smart enough to see who Gingrich really is. A typical slimy politician/lobbyist. I think they just took Cain's numbers and added them to Gingrich. And the Rick Perry ad is all over the TV here. Every time I see it, I grow more and more angry. Last poll I saw here in Iowa, Perry was just wasting his campaign money with these ads, he's very low in the polls right now.

  3. What are those 3 Agencies again? What a crack up! It's just disturbing on sooo many levels, that these corporate whores get any attention. But that's our ignorant electorate for you. I think maybe Obama never had it so easy

  4. Parry is the piece of poop i left in the toilet yesterday. So long drunk, anti-LGBTQ,anti-Relgion freedom, anti-Everything americans stand for today. You are complete idiot.

  5. FL - I thought you'd appreciate the irony in that the music in Rick Perry's political ad "Strong" was written by gay American composer Aaron Copland. Isn't that funny?

  6. Great blog! I for one am more than happy to see Rick Perry take the dive, although I will almost miss his painful to watch stoned moments. Newt is pretty scary though. Isn't he the one to suggest we "might" do away with child labor laws and maybe put those poor kids to work scrubbing some toilets at school so they can be introduced to the value of work? Holy crap!

  7. There's not enough frustrated eye-rolling in the world for behavior like this. It's bad enough when candidates display complete ignorance of America's political history. The English had just recovered from the better part of a century of bloody warfare over whether Catholics or Protestants should be in charge; the Founding Fathers were wise enough to know that God + Government = Bad Idea. No, it's the ignorance of the current culture that baffles me. The vast majority of Americans have no problem with the repeal of DADT, could care less who you decide to marry, and get sick of Christmas by December 15th because the carols get played to death in every store with holiday merchandise. If a bunch of out-dated, bigoted, Religious-Right-butt-kissing ignorami is the best the Republicans have to offer, they don't have a chance next November (provided the 18-25 age group makes a large presence at the polls).

    Also, props to Rev. James Bulls for the music reference! It makes me chuckle as well when bigots reach for anything by Copland as "All-American background music" with complete ignorance of his personal history. (String majors get their kicks in odd places. ^_^)


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