And HELLOOOO 2012! (Some healthy tips for starting your Resolution)

Well! Are you ready for the end of the world?! We've got less than 12 months before the world stop spinning...or whatever. Are you ready? neither.

I hope you all had the safest and happiest of New Year's celebrations. Partner and I went to a wedding reception. It was a lot of fun, and, I must say, it was a decidedly great way to spend New Year's Eve! It didn't hurt that it was 5 minutes away from our house.

It's January 1, which means that the gyms are going to be crowded and sporting goods stores are going to be selling out of every gimmicky wellness gadget out there. If you want a little free, unsolicited advice, don't be one of those people. Most folks that start a weight loss resolution don't complete it. In fact, most resolutions don't make it until the end of January. Why? Well, probably because everyone is jumping in feet first without analyzing what it would take to actually make a change in their lives.

But, if you'd like a few health tips, here are some that work for me:

  • As soon as you wake up, before you eat breakfast, drink a glass of water. A full glass of water. This will keep you full, well-hydrated, and you'll knock out one of the 8 or so glasses of water you should be drinking a day. 
  • Stay well hydrated throughout the day. I accidentally gave up sodas somewhere last February. I used to drink Mountain Dew as though it were necessary to continue breathing. Seriously, I'd go through one of those 24 packs in a week and a half at the most. Then, I started off my day with water, and kept reusable bottles of water in my work fridge and my car. No matter where I am, there it is. I don't know that I lost weight, but I wasn't relying on soda to give me energy or get me going. Coffee on the other hand... My one big cup a day definitely keeps me going. 
  • Don't exercise if you're exhausted, but don't make excuses either. If you're exhausted, you're not doing your body any favors by working out. You're just wearing yourself out even more. Wait a day, until your schedule allows you a good 30-60 minutes where you can exercise. It actually doesn't take much time at all to get a good workout, if you just have a single-minded focus on doing it.
  • Get a music playing device. Listen to it when working out. I've gotten into the habit of listening to podcasts when I go to the gym, because most shows last at least an hour, which sort of helps me time my gym going. But, to start, make yourself a good playlist of fun music. This keeps your blood flowing, gives you a good beat to do your reps, and makes working out more fun. 
  • Workout with someone else. You can get a trainer if you can afford it, but having a friend who also works out will keep you motivated. You'll actually find that you'll lift more and complete your workout faster when working with someone else. Also, having an extra set of eyes makes sure that you're working out properly. Just because you're lifting a weight, doesn't mean that you're doing it correctly. Improper form can hinder a workout worse than just about anything else. Lifting a weight properly means you probably won't need to lift anywhere near as heavy of a weight to get the desired result. 20 pounds properly lifted is more effective than 50 pounds with bad form. 
Hope these tips help to start your New Year off right! What are YOUR tips & tricks for keeping a resolution? Do YOU make resolutions? 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Thank you so much for theses tips. I know lots of healthy tips but I never heard of the "Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up" one. I think it's great and I'm following your advice on this. :-)

    Also, may I add another great tip that works with me? I try not to eat pass 9pm and to avoid the feeling of "evening hungryness", I brush my teeth right after supper! And/or I'll drink a cup of hot decaf tea, during the evening. It really calms down my sudden "need" for desert during the evening.

    Happy Healthy New year! :)


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