Episode 66: Inciting A Changing Riot

Episode 66 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A Changing Riot! We’ll be talking about some changes coming to the Riot, looking at a refocusing and recommitment to the purpose of the show and blog.

News: HIV+ Student denied admission, Afghan woman must marry her rapist, Homeland Security Sno-Cones, Iran has our spy drone, the mouse in Mt. Dew, Witch Killing, 2nd Earth

Word of the Day: Parochial

Gripe Department: The Top 17 Things to Leave in 2011

Music: Shake It Out - Florence + the Machine

Spirituality: Times they are a-changin’ at the Riot, and the Chief Rioter in charge is changing with them. Also, if you listen carefully, you might hear Fire Lyte apologize.

Poetry: How to write a political poem - Taylor Mali (from the book The Spoken Word Revolution)

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Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

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  1. The sno-cone machines thing got me rolling in the floor laughing! After the explanation given, don't you really want to know even more why they actually need them? ^_^ (Wonder if they plan to reactivate a Cold War with artificially produced, colores and flavored snowballs...)

  2. Just found you!! I think your kickass!! keep up the good works! Much blessings sent your way!!


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