Introducing: The Pagan Podlist

Everyday, more people are discovering podcasts. They make us laugh, inform us, and make our house cleaning and daily commutes a bit more fun. But, it's rather difficult to find new pagan podcasts to enjoy. Worse, though, is finding a show and realizing that, while people were raving about how good it was on a message board or another podcast, it hasn't put out any new episodes in 6 months, a year, or more.


The Pagan Podlist! 

The Pagan Podlist seeks to provide a simple list of all the currently-producing pagan shows. All shows that appear on The List are checked periodically to ensure that only shows producing new content appear. Hopefully, this resource will help you find new shows and eliminate the frustration of hunting iTunes, Podcast Alley, and social networking sites just to find shows. 

If you have a podcast, and you would like to Get Listed, please use the form on the Contact Page. Your show should appear soon!

Feel free to spread the word! The URL is Let your favorite podcaster know they should Get Listed so that other people can enjoy their show, too! 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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