The Anti-Bowl (Or: Today I Drew the Hermit Card)

For someone who supposedly stands between two worlds, who toes the line between this world and that, I have very little spirit. Sure, I get excited about things. I can even get all jazzed about certain events. (The Oscars being Example In Chief here.)

Of Team Spirit, however, I have none. Absolutely none. I think the last time I cared about being on a team was when I was in little league soccer, and that was probably due to it being an intramural league where I didn't have to see any of the kids that went to my school.

In theatre I was always the lead, always carrying the scene on my own. I enjoyed, somewhat, my cast mates (though a good therapist could probably make lots of money off of me figuring out all the angst I have towards some of those folks, namely my director). My big events were always individual. Persuasive Extemporaneous Speaking. Poetry Interpretation. I even did a few writing and literature events. All single.

Ok. Ok... I'll admit it here and now for all the pagany interwebs to know. I was in band. To put it bluntly, I hated it. I hated band camp. I hated the hours of marching. (Yes, there was marching. Yes, there are pictures. No, you will never ever see them.)

My brother, my father, my mother, my uncle - hell, even my slightly estranged sister - were all major team players. Major. Team. Players. My father was on a (pardon the language) fucking Olympic team for track! Seriously! An Olympian! My father! Which is probably why someone in the family had to be the player for a team of one.

As much as I champion seeing both sides of an issue, sports was never anything I was going to see as valuable. Sure, I played when I was younger, and I don't know that anyone would argue that I'm a fairly athletic person... It's not that I have anything against athletes or athleticism... I guess I just don't, and never have, see what all the fuss is about. Why today, the Superbowl, is the biggest event on television in the world. Why?

Gosh, I'm coming off like a grumpus.

I'm not. I swear. Someone told me recently they though I was going to turn into Andy Rooney, noted cantankerous, disgruntled, elderly guy. Today, however, is a day for me to enjoy the things I like to do in peace and quiet. Shopping. Reading. Hell, even working out at the gym is a joy today, because I can use all the best machines, cables, and free weights without the muscle heads lining up in front of me.

I actually had a customer yesterday who asked if our store was closing for's the Big Mega Huge Game of Importance! I cocked my head, gave him The Look, and said, "I'm sorry, sir, but contrary to the wishes of most men in America, the Super Bowl is not a national holiday." He dejectedly looked at me and said, "Oh...that's too bad."

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. This is why you should watch the Puppy Bowl instead!

  2. Ahhhhhh the puppy bowl. Don't watch for too long or you'll end up with diabetes. Seriously mega cute and sweet.... ;)

  3. I have absolutely NO clue about American Football (yes, I'm one of those people lol) so I could care less who wins...for me, it's all about half time and the commercials. Some are absolutely brilliant!

  4. I use to play several sports (none of them football) all I miss is the exercise! I have never been a fan of watching any sport. The only time I could be found watching a sport was if I was on the bench waiting for my turn.

  5. Ha! I despise team sports. I hated gym. I do exercise and walk-all on my own. I'm not a party person, either. Frankly,I enjoy my own company in these endeavors. I adore my ritual circle friends and we get along well, but the most serious and effective magick I've done was as a solitary.I'd much rather practice on my own. I'm not antisocial- neither are you. Kudos for being honest.

    (PS: I hate football and didn't watch the Stupid Bowl, but I did watch Madonna's halftime performance on You Tube. The Greco-Roman/Egyptian/Neopagan/pseudo Christian imagery was enough to send the Religious Right over the edge into the abyss, LOL...If you haven't seen it, you should.)


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