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Alongside Vampires and Zombies, Werewolves are experiencing a pop culture resurgence. Movies like Twilight and the Wolfman and television shows like True Blood, Teen Wolf, and Being Human have made werewolves a part of our modern day vernacular. Of course, it's interesting... They're a lot prettier than they used to be.

Think about it... This is the original Wolfman:

And this is the new one...

Ok... Bad example. Benicio del Toro..... Not my cup of tea. But think about it. Twilight has Taylor Lautner. There's that hot guy from Teen Wolf, and then there's Joe Manganiello from True Blood. Let's bask in that glory for just a moment...

Gods bless that man.

But...did you know that there are real werewolves? Yes! Different types, actually. And, I will be interviewing one for an upcoming show. Now, here's the good part. YOU get to ask a werewolf anything you want.

In the comments section below, or in an email to, please send in between 1-3 questions that YOU would want to ask a real live werewolf, should you be sitting down with them. No question is off limits.

Can't wait to Inciting A Howling Riot with you all! Send in those questions!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. -What kind of evidence can you provide that you are a werewolf?
    -Can I watch you become a werewolf?
    -Why is there so much skepticism about the existence of werewolves if they actually exist?
    -How would we be able to tell if you *weren't* a werewolf?

  2. I'll be curious to here how closely this werewolf's self-definition matches the traditional understanding of werewolves. Aw man, Carrie just stole most of my questions. I'd also ask... Do you have any photos of yourself in werewolf form? Why does the moon have any special effect if it's just reflected sunlight? How predictable is your transformation? (If it is predictable, then I'd shoot to Carrie's question - can I watch? Better yet... Can Ross and Carrie watch?)

  3. How did you become a werewolf?
    Is it hereditary?

  4. Do moon phases have a major role/effect on you?
    Do you have a "pack" of like-minded individuals?
    >If so, who is the alpha and how does it affect the group dynamic?

  5. Do you come from a werewolf lineage (your parents)? If not how do you interact with you biological parents? How different was the relationship prior to you discovering your "other" nature, if at all?

  6. Are there other sorts of were-beings in existence, or are wolves about it? Do you find popular culture representations of werewolves entertaining, accurate, offensive, etc.?

  7. What are the signs that someone is a werewolf? Have you done any research to see if these signs could be explained via other reasons? How do you feel this impacts your ability to participate in society?

  8. I am hoping that he says he is a werewolf because he become more energetic, and virile during the full moon. Something along those lines. Kinda like people who claim to be vampires but not the movie kind more of the psychic energy kind. In that case my questions would be 1)How does this change manifest itself for you? 2) Can you tell it's coming before it happens? 3) Does it heighten things like sex drive, lifting ability, or is it more of a mental awakening? 3) Does this ever negatively impact your life?

    If he's claiming to be a Hollywood movie werewolf and can't or won't let Ross and Carrie watch him change then my questions would be: Do you have the name of a good therapist? If not, would you like help finding one? Are you currently medicated? If so, when's the last time you had your dosage checked and are you planning to have it rechecked? heehee (someone had to play devil's advocate... or not)


  9. How nasty are your dumps after you eat all that raw meat?

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