Episode 67: Inciting A Forgiving Riot

Episode 67 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A Forgiving Riot. I’ll be taking you on my personal and academic search for forgiveness.

News: Scientists define ‘hipster’, Pennsylvania name 2012 ‘Year of the Bible’, Indiana can teach Creationism only if they teach Pastafarianism, Prop 8 & Bill O’Reilly

Word of the Day: Heyday

Sociology: Book Piracy

Gripe Department: Superman Tattoos

Spirituality: An academic search and personal meditation on forgiveness.

Music: Hello - Poe

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  1. Sounds like an awesome episode. I'll probably listen after the Met Opera broadcast (which is a LOOONNNGG one: 1:00 to about 7:00 Atlantic Time--12:00 to 6:00 EST).

  2. I just finished listening to the podcast. Sorry about knocking Britney. :-) I've only listened to the Riot since episode fifty-sixth, and haven't heard anything about not bashing her. Just be glad she isn't Prime Minister Stephen Harper: I can REALLY rip into him (he's like the Canadian version of Bush). Brit-Brit isn't the one trying to pass an Omnibus Crime Bill when Canada's crime rate is the lowest it's been since the '70s.

  3. Once a friend of mien explained to me the meaning that Superman has to a lot of people. He said that Superman is the only superhero who disguises himself as a regular person. His Super-identity is his real identity and the everyday-one is his fake identity. In this sense, identifying with Superman is a way to say "I'm more than what meets the eye". I've seen all kinds of tattoos in my life that seem quite ugly or stupid, but they all have meaning to the person that wears them. I don't have tattoos, not as much because I'm afraid of pain, but because I wonder about what if I change my mind. I have toyed with ideas for tattoos for myself, most of which would mean nothing to other people. One of those was the idea of tattooing a picture of Vegita Prince of Saiyans (a Dragonball character) on my lower back). It had meaning to me, because I used to love the series and I love what this particular character stands for, but if anyone else would have seen it would have probably think I'm some stupid woman who gets a cartoon on her ass and is probably cartoonish herself.

    A tattoo is a big statement about a personal feeling, and it's prone to be misunderstood. Yes, you have the right to smirk at some skinny, pimple covered guy with a Superman tattoo because he doesn't look like Superman, and that's alright, or an overweight guy, pale and sickly with the same tattoo and think "come on, if you are so super, stop stuffing your face and get in shape!", but that tattoo, on their skin could be for themselves, as a way to remind themselves that underneath the exterior and the circumstances others mock and bully, there's a valuable, awesome guy who has the potential to make a difference and maybe save the world and get the girl/boy.

    They put the ink in their hearts, but haven't many of us, dare I say even you, have that ink in our hearts? Knowing that we are so much more than what the mirror show us everyday? That our true selves are hidden from other, but that THAT true self hold so much power and potential it can change the world and make it fabulous?

    Then, of course, there's the stupid guy too, with a couple of bucks and little brain to himself who gets his superman tattoo because he wants to impress the chicks who would surely believe he is Superman, "ha-ha-ha"... Each head is a universe of endless possibilities.


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