Meeting René Lalonde (a short story of SQUEE!!!)

RENÉ LALONDEWherever a Paper Boat Takes You, acrylic on canvas, image size: 24 × 24 inches.
This is my favorite piece by Lalonde.
Rarely do we get to meet those people who inspire us. René Lalonde is one of those artists for me. His art takes me to an incredibly magical world. We draw from many wells to create the pool of our inner selves, and the waters I draw from Lalonde are powerfully introspective.

And...last night... I got to meet him.

Yeah... It was late, and I had just gotten off work. Forgive my atrocious appearance. A gallery close to my job was having an exhibit, and I'd sold some paintings to one of the girls that works there. She knew that I love Lalonde, and she invited me. I got there just as they were getting ready to go out to eat. He was incredibly kind, and even said he liked my art. (My friend had shown him some pieces on her computer beforehand. I blushed. In fact, you can still see my face is red in the picture. Oh, and since we're talking about it, you should TOTALLY go buy some of my art. It's Lalonde-approved!) I got his autograph and everything. J-O-Y!

All in all, it was a wonderful evening.

Sometimes, when you meet your heroes, they do live up to your expectations. I hope you get to meet someone who inspires YOU one day. If you could...who would it be?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Most of the people who inspire me are people I know. Which is awesome, because I get to talk with them on a regular basis. I, too, am an artist (I'm a photographer), and I've grown up around other artists, including my parents. I'm inspired by people who work in media other than my own, and I try to use that inspiration in my own work (subject matter, colours, etc.), though I approach it in my own way.

    But if I could meet someone who inspires me whom I haven't met, it would probably be one of my favourite bloggers, Susan S. Like me, she's a writer. She has bipolar I, and some days are a struggle for her. But somehow she forces herself to keep going, even when she'd rather curl up and die (I think her cat, Holly, has something to do with that).

  2. Hey Fire Lyte: Wonderful that you got to meet one of your heroes. I've been lucky to meet several of mine, if not heroes then definitely people who I admire or who inspire me. Among them are authors, artists and musicians. Also comedians—if you ever have a chance to see the Flying Karamozov Brothers, you must do this!
    I make beaded jewelry, and I was at a big beadshow/conference several years ago where I was very lucky to meet one of the bead artists who I admire most and is a great inspiration. My meeting her was really serendipitous, but what a wonderful bit of luck! It ended up that not only did I get to meet her (I had contacted her previously via e-mail), but we ended up hanging out together for a while. She was even more delightful and nice in person that in her e-mails. Her name is Sherri Serafini, if you want to look up her work.
    Also, I love your podcast, and the last two episodes were really well done. Don't worry about going through changes, or those people who claim you aren't really a pagan podcast. I think most of your listeners appreciate the fact that you cover a lot of pagan and non-pagan topics in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. While I may not always completely agree with you, I do appreciate your views and how you have obviously put some real thought into what you say.
    One last thing: for some reason Google want to list me by my maiden name, rather than my married name! Don't know what's up with that. :-)


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