Videos made of Transvaginal, Quran Burning, and Homeopathic Goodness.

Let's go fry some other fish, shall we?
There's a lot of mess still to be resolved with the ongoing discussion of Pantheacon. Elsewhere, however, the world is still turning and there are some...well...incredible things going on in the world.

In seriously invasive news: Here in the United States, the debate is raging about women's reproductive rights in America. One such controversy is going on in Virginia as we speak, with the state voting to force women to undergo a medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound before being allowed to get an abortion. The phenomenal Jon Stewart covered part of the controversy on his show. Enjoy...

In a brilliant turn of events, a new bill has been introduced by Representative Yasmin Neal that would limit vasectomies for men except in the case where not getting one would "result in death or 'impairment of a major bodily function.'" This is in obvious response to men deciding what women should and should not receive as far as health care goes - what with all-male panels being convened to discuss women's reproductive rights. Last night, Rep. Neal was on the Rachel Maddow show. The video can be found here. I would post it, but NBC apparently doesn't like the ability for their clips to be embedded. Suffice it say, you should totally watch it.

In literally under fire news: Also, NATO is coming under some serious fire, because, earlier this week, they incinerated a number of copies of the Quran - the Muslim holy book.
A military official said the materials were removed from a detainee center's library because they had "extremist inscriptions" on them and there was "an appearance that these documents were being used to facilitate extremist communications."
This act has been taken quite seriously in Afghanistan, where international tensions are already incredibly high in a part of the world where bloodshed for religious reasons is a daily occurrence. This is the 4th day of demonstrative fallout regarding the holy book burnings, and reports from CNN say that at least 8 people have died and 27 have been wounded.

President Obama has called the burning of the Quran an "unintentional error."

In homeopathic news: Friend of the show and fellow podcaster Carrie Poppy - of Oh No, Ross and Carrie! - has been getting some attention for a video she uploaded on the James Randi Foundation's website. The video depicts her taking an incredibly large dose of homeopathic remedy 'Coldcalm', which is sold at Rite Aid and manufactured by Boiron Laboratories. It further shows her calling the poison control center to alert them to her extreme dosage, only to be told not to worry, that homeopathic remedies like Coldcalm have no medication in them and do nothing for you. She eventually calls Boiron...only to be left dissatisfied, and eventually turns to the tried-and-true medication Sudafed.

The video is hilarious, and it begs the question of you Rioters, "What do YOU think about taking homeopathic remedies instead of traditional medication?"

Leave your views of homeopathy, as well as any of the topics discussed, in the comments below!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. James Randi from Caltech on Homeopathy:

    It's pretty great.

  2. I love Oh No, Ross and Carrie (I started listening to them after you had them on your show!) - critical thinkers with open minds, plus they are so funny. I have to agree with them, homeopathy is basically water. As for alternative medicine, I have no problem with people trying alternatives like acupuncture or reiki - that haven't been scientifically proven to work - as long as it's in addition to medical treatment. I am big into herbalism though (witchy AND scientifically sound).

    I think it's fine to explore options, but the thing that makes me really angry about alternative medicine is when people don't take their children to doctors or use mainstream (proven!) medicine. It's really irresponsible, and it's making a potentially harmful decision for people who can't choose for themselves.


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