Ostara to Easter Swag Contest!

Announcing the next swag contest in conjunction with our fabulous sponsor, Eliora - owner of the shop Elegantly Enchanting. During the Ostara to Easter Swag Contest I'll be giving away 1 Grand Prize and 2 runner-up prizes. The dates and ways to enter are below, but let's get to the swag itself!

Grand Prize: Just in time for Ostara and Easter, my good friend Eliora created something very special and unique just for the Rioters. Feast your eyes!

To get a better view, click the image for full-size.

This is a one of a kind, handmade pendulum divination set featuring two adorable bunnies staring up at a full spring moon. Eliora created this using dimensional translucent paints on a glass disk. The pendulum was also crafted by hand and features this beautiful bunny charm.

This would be such fun to use at an Ostara gathering, or to play with your kids at Easter. And, I can say from seeing Eliora's work in person (and owning a few pieces myself) that it makes a beautiful addition to anyone's home decor.

In addition to this pendulum set, the Grand Prize winner will get to select 1 print of their choice from my shop Torch and Paintbrush on Etsy. Might I suggest Affirmation? The colors are perfect for spring, and the message is one I think you'd be proud to hang on your wall.

Runner-Up Prizes: Only 1 person can win the Grand Prize, but you still can win some beautiful Eliora creations even if you don't take home the pendulum set. Just for the Riot, Eliora has created these gorgeous altar besoms.

These darling besoms are perfect to decorate your altar any time of year, and make the perfect gift to get that certain witchy someone in your life. The two runner ups will get their choice of besom and a print from my shop Torch and Paintbrush.

Now, how does one win this fabulous swag? Well, the swag contests are my way of thanking the very generous Rioters who have chosen to keep the pitchforks sharpened and the torches lit by way of a donation. The Riot has costs, and over the years with the addition of all the extra projects I've taken on, the costs add up to quite a bit. Donations from the Rioters are the only way I can continue to be inciting.

So, to enter the Ostara to Easter Swag Contest, all you have to do is click the PayPal Donate button found on the left-hand side of IncitingARiot.com and donate any amount of your choosing. There is no minimum donation, but all I ask is that you think of what the Riot is worth to you. Remember, the Riot isn't just this blog, it's also:

There are hosting fees, podcast feed fees, monthly service charges, and a whole host of other dolla dolla bills that are required to run the Riot. You can be a part of keeping things going with your donation of any amount. 

The contest will run from now through Easter, which - this year - is Sunday, April 8! So, you have a little less than a month Rioters! 

May the odds be on your side. (Yes, I want to see that movie, too.)

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Just entered! I really like the besoms!

  2. Poor student here, but I gave what I could! I LOVE that pendulum set :D

  3. Elizabeth aka WitchkittybellMarch 12, 2012 at 6:24 PM

    Love the Riot podcast, blog and the upkeep of the podlist!!! Inciting a Brewhaha is great! And last but not least I'm so happy you started Project Pagan Enough, because most fellow Pagans I've come across laugh at me and tell me... "No way, you're Pagan..."

    Contest entered...looking forward to another print from your Etsy shop and love the Eliora creations!

  4. I love the blog and I adore Eliora's work :)


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