Rush Limbaugh and the Nasty, Dirty Sex Pill (Also, there's Rick Santorum)

And this is why I love Rachel Maddow.

The following video is from the March 2, 2012 episode of the Rachel Maddow show. In it, she discusses the recent controversy regarding Rush Limbaugh's incredibly insensitive and defamatory remarks to a woman who testified before Congress regarding a need for birth control.

Because, in 2012, we've decided that whether your birth control is covered by your health insurance is completely up to the religious whims of your boss. Not only that, there are states passing laws now stating that anything your employer has a "religious or moral" problem with doesn't get to be included in your health insurance.

I'm patiently waiting for the first person to use this legislation to say straight couples can't have certain health insurance coverage, because it violates their moral idea that all people should be equal.

But, for now, here is this incredible look at what Rush has been saying, as well as some of the Republican candidates for President, regarding birth control in America.

This is a conservative cartoon regarding the recent birth control controversy. Somebody is trying to turn this into yet another multi-point scare tactic regarding President Obama. It speaks to Doesn't he hate Christians? Isn't he secretly foreign? He must also hate babies and religion in general. 

Why is this a conversation we're having in 2012?

I ask you.

In Reminding Everyone What This Crop of Political Candidates Sounds Like news: And, just for a bit more fun - and because Mitt Romney was discussed in the clip above pretty heavily - here's Stephen Colbert's look at what Rick Santorum (who is trading out with Mitt Romney, currently, as the frontrunner for the Republican party's Presidential nomination) has to say about Obama's idea about making sure everyone that wants to can go to college. (For Santorum's ostentatious statement, begin around the 2:40 mark.)

Date check here... This is 2012.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I don't understand why such ignorant people are so popular. Mr. Limbaugh talks about birth control pills as if you need more of them the more frequently you are intimate. When you usually get a monthly pack that you renew and you take a pill a day. How about birth control should be covered by insurance so that the population doesn't skyrocket out of control? Perhaps these people should consider taking Viagra out of insurance coverage, since it's also used primarily for sexual purposes. (I don't think they should take either out, people should be allowed to get the medication they need covered by insurance)

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  3. "Birth Control Pills" aren't just used for contraception because their main ingredient are hormones. They are prescribed for women who have other physical maladies in their reproductive organs/ One of those uses is as a form of hormone replacement therapy for those transitioning through menopause. What good old Rush wants to do is keep a woman with endometriosis from taking a little hormone pill that allows her to stay in the workforce because she's not in constant pain or bleeding to death. I don't think Rush gets that the only thing that is stopping someone with PMS-induced psychosis from going postal on his ignorant a$$ is a little hormone pill that controls a woman's raging out of balance hormones.

    1. Yes. THIS. I myself fall under the category of taking birth control pills for a medical condition, in my case for polycystic ovarian disease, and have been since I was a teenager (and incidentally well-before I was sexually active). What about those women, in some cases young teens, who would be suffering pain so severe they can hardly get out of bed several days a month if they didn't have the homonal regulation the Pill provides? Guess they have to suffer for some uninformed moron's religious politics in an election year.

  4. I was lucky enough to be able to meet Rachel Maddow last year, and let me just say that she is as brilliant and hilarious in person as she is in this clip. Free speech is a wonderful concept, but sometimes I do wish that we would be able to ban idiots (cue: Rush) from opining on topics of which they clearly have no understanding.

  5. Yes! Maddow is right. Limbaugh doesn't know have a clue how birth control works. From what he was saying, it sounds like he's conflating birth control with Viagra. And we're pretty damn sure he knows how Viagra works....

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