Episode 70: Inciting A Warring Riot

Episode 70 of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast finds us Inciting A Warring Riot. Among several topical issues, we’ll be looking at the ‘War on Women’ going on in the United States.

News: Trayvon Martin, Secret Service Prostitutes, Expulsion over Facebook, Feeding Tube Diet

Word of the Day: Obliterate

Sociology: War on Women

Teach Me Tarot: Meet Liz/Selecting a deck (Email: Liz@IncitingARiot.com; Blog: LizziesLogic.blogspot.com; Tarot Deck Pictures: PicasaWeb.Google.com/r0sered1ster)

Poetry: Sticks & Shadows, Ghosts in the Door, The Long Word Under Wet Pavement

Music: Born To Die - Lana Del Rey

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  1. from my Facebook comment . . . OMGss FireLyte - this is fabulous, fresh, fantastic! I love the new intro, the new features and the new everything! So proud to be a sponsor!

    I love all the new, and I love what you've kept - your unique style!

  2. Great episode! Your piece about the "war on women" was right on target--excellent. And as a new student of tarot I SO appreciate the new segment. How did you know that Lana is my new fav? ;-)

  3. I am currently listening to this episode. (I know I am way behind, please forgive, lol).

    Regarding the Feeding Tube Diet. This maddens me to no end, not just because it's yet another diet fad, but because this is a way that sick people who have GI issues way to eat. There are many gastro diseases and syndroms where some people who can't eat, have no other choice is to have a NG tube. In some cases people who have long term cronic eating issed, this tube may be placed right to the stomach or intestioins via a G-tube or a J-tube.

    I have no idea what these people are thing that as for a NG tube just because they can't control what they eat. At least they can eat. These tubes are ment to be for the one who can no longer.

    I have a few GI disorders, and may eventually have to have one of these tubes, untill then, I am going to enjoy eatting, and control my weight, bu this means.

  4. I find it frighteningly ironic how well the diet news article fits in with the sociology segment. Not only does this political obliteration of women's rights exist, women continue to fall for the media and social attacks on themselves and do things like willingly subject themselves to a feeding tube, thus creating their own internal battle with their bodies and perpetuating this "war". -takes a deep breath- This topic fires me up a bit...


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