Feedback: When God(s) don't show up.

Not quite sure I buy this...
So I'm putting together the next episode of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast, and I've been thinking... I'd really like to hear your feedback on a topic before the show comes out.

How do you deal with a spiritual let down?

I mean... a real let down. Not wah wah the Ghost faeries didn't leave me any cookies.

Sure, you can talk about when spells go awry - or fail completely - but I want to look deeper than that. What happens when you pray for protection that doesn't come? What happens after something you believe your God-in-a-box told you was going to happen...doesn't? Not just spell failure, because we can argue what magic is and why it does or doesn't work until the cows play Hey diddle diddle but it won't answer anything. 

I'd love to hear your stories, should you have any, of times when you have been challenged with a big, universal 'NOPE'. 

What do you do with your belief when something you just knew to be true is proven false?

Think about it... We'll be taking a look at this topic, specifically and broadly, as part of the next show. In addition, of course, to the bat shit lunacy that's coming out of the gentle mix of religion and politics in this post-Obamasupportinggaymarriage time.

Feel free to comment below, or - if you'd rather - you can email!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I have had two visions in my life. I am not a vision person by nature. So far one of them did not come true--and it was the one that was going to happen locally, so it was easier to check out. I was out on the appointed day and time and location, waited for about an hour, the folks I was supposed to meet did not show up. The other hasn't hit the appointed day and time yet (it'd be next year), but I'd have to travel at a time of the year it's not good for me to travel at to see if it happens. Even my shrink is all, "Go. You'll always wonder if you don't." But after the first one never happened...

    Well, I feel like a stupid idiot and beat myself up and doubt everything else spiritual I've ever experienced along those lines. And where do you go from there? I don't know, because once you learn you can't trust what you get, you end up not doing anything. You can't believe in what you got, you think it's stupid to take action, and all you do is wonder about if you're going to end up in the rubber room with the nice tight white coat. I've tried divination, muscle testing, automatic writing-- and I got a lot of different answers ranging from "it'll happen later" to "they just didn't show up" to "it never will, you made that up." I don't know what to believe any more. Maybe since my brain isn't inclined to visions (I am more of a "just knows"/clairaudient person), it was all just bullshit.

    And I also think, "Why should I fly to see if that vision happens anyway, it won't, I'm stupid, it's far more of a cost to me to leave here at that time of the year and it will piss people off if I do. Why waste the time and money on something else that is also bullshit?" But the vision that hasn't happened yet is far more important than the other one, so...yeah, I will always wonder. And feel stupid about it forever.

  2. Things don't always unfold as we want them to. But often we cannot see the broader picture. I can name many experiences where the picture applies to me. Many things I thought I "wanted" even " needed" in my life that just did not pan out. I no longer worry when my wishes fail to manifest, I shrug my shoulders and rest the issue for a while and move on to something else. I learnt many times that there is a broader picture to my life, but I can only see a little part of it. I have also learn that a quiet " I want that" and a simple spur of the moment spell works more effectively than weeks of daily rituals focusing on the issue..... the gods don't like being nagged I suppose.
    But then for me things happen which fall into place like puzzle peices to make up the big picture that I want my life to be like..... and i can say "so mote it be" and let the Universe take its course.


  3. I guess the best story of not geting what i prayed for would be my entire childhood. I prayed to God to make my mother love me and stop hurting me. He didn't seem to think that was important. Then I prayed to him to make my first husband stop hurting me but he didn't seem to think that was important either. By the time he didn't bother helping through the 2nd one I finally realized he ain't there, and found someone who was. She made them stop hurting me finally!


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