Thoughts after Beltane

Work is eating my lunch lately. I've not had much time to sleep well, let alone to blog. The fact that I got episode 70 out this past weekend is a minor miracle of scheduling - and TONS of caffeine. So, I was grateful that I was able to have Beltane off of work.

Here in Chicago, the weather has been dismal. After the warmest March ever - which, personally, I greatly enjoyed - April shot back down to the 30s and 40s and stayed there until just recently. We're just now peeking around the corner of the upper 50s and 60s, which would be great, if the wind weren't trying to blow me over while the rain did its best to soak me through.

Basically, once again, this sabbat didn't really feel weather appropriate. I think Beltane, and I think big, bright sunny days. The beginning of summer. The official end of wintertide. I think of sprites and fairies hiding behind flowers and a verdant landscape that's ready to be explored over the coming season. I think of life.
Recently, Connecticut became the 17th state in the United States to repeal the use of the death penalty. Californians, this November, will vote on the death penalty in their state. Crime is disgusting. It is, though, a natural part of any society. I was glad that part of this Beltane could be used to celebrate this revelation, this upholding of the sanctity of life. Personally, despite my criminal justice background (perhaps because of it), I am of the humble opinion that I'd rather be part of society that doesn't kill its own people.

But, the death penalty is a huge topic...a topic for another day.

I also pondered the idea of evil. We're in what many call the light half of the year, opposing the dark half. Reflecting on these opposites, I meditated a while on the nature of evil. Can anyone ever be truly evil all the time? Sure, there are some people that have done some awful things...but are they evil all the time? Eating their cereal in the morning evilly? Hitler is pointed to as one who was truly evil, and he may have ended up that way, but he definitely didn't start that way. The only time I've seen someone that was born evil was in World of Warcraft. Books like Wicked and The Mists of Avalon have given an enlightening look at evil, showing that, perhaps, those we thought were evil...weren't.

And I also ponder the idea of war. If you listened to episode 70, you heard my take on the use of the word war. I also discussed the origin of the word, specifically that it originally meant 'to confuse or perplex'. War...evil...the death penalty. It all breaks my heart, because I cannot help but look at all of these issues and think that there has been a great misunderstanding, a great twisting and confusion of the facts.

But...I understand that, no matter the amount that my heart bleeds, these things do not simply go away overnight.

So, I celebrate life. I celebrate the turning of the will and the knowledge that the rain and wind will crack and the sun will shine and the fairies and the sprites and I will go exploring during the time of summer.

How was YOUR Beltane?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Kiddos to you for finding the light out of the darkness. I think the death penalty and evil are topics that everyone has an opinion about but that people are just as equally hesitant to discuss. Which is a very sad thing in my book as discussion is one of the only things that can lead to actual change. I think it is natural to ponder subjects like this during the lighter part of the month.

  2. Weather in Chicago sounds a lot like Dublin lately - today has been the first decent day (even a few rays!) in about a month. And Beltane was very good, thank you, had a new date... just to keep up the good tradition ya know.
    On the more serious matter of good/ evil I have to agree with you, there is a lot of trouble arising from misunderstanding, it seems like nobody is willing to just sit and listen and try to understand any other point of view than their own (yes, Wicked, anyone? perfect reference)
    It all reminded me of a line in a BOTDF song: "every sinner has a future, every saint has a past". It pretty much sums up what I think. Sure, I would like certain people as far away from me and mine as possible, but I don't think anybody/ anything is 100% good or evil. The yin/yang symbol also illustrates it well, true balance only comes from diversity.

  3. Courtney DeShainMay 4, 2012 at 6:36 PM

    I have a question then...if all life is sacred...what is your view of abortion? Where do you think life starts / ends? I'm just curious. I am not trying to start drama or pick a fight. I would like to hear your opinion.

    Thanks - Courtney

  4. I will tell you like I tell everyone, Courtney:

    Until I grow a vagina or the ability to carry a child, I have no business whatsoever weighing in with what I think a woman should or should not do in a situation I will never, ever be in.

    What I personally feel about the sanctity of life in the instances of abortion stays completely in my head, and I am politically pro-choice.

    Honestly, I think any man that weighs in on the debate is weighing on a topic they can never be fully informed about and should, therefore, keep his trap shut.

    Love and Lyte,

    Fire Lyte

  5. Fire Lyte, I want to marry your wisdom.

    Anyway, my Beltane was peaceful :) Very calm, very artful, and /fun/. I haven't had a ritual with the idea of having fun while honoring the Gods and Goddesses. It was refreshing.

    For your question about evil, my moral code is a quote by Socrates: "The only good is knowledge; the only evil is ignorance."


  6. Lol. Thanks fire lyte. I was just curious. I hope tonights full moon brings u love and lyte.

    Blessed be,


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