Gay Politics, Charlotte Church, & Tweeny Witches

On occasion, I find myself perusing the web outside the bounds of Facebook and Twitter. Shocking, I know. Today, I was incredibly pleased to come across a couple of very fun videos on YouTube that hit me in all the right places and a new-to-me TV show that indulges that part of me that will watch absolutely anything with a witch in it. Combine the three topics: Magic, Politics, and gorgeous Men in Bathing Suits and...well...I'm in heaven.

If you're a Rioter, I'm guessing that some combination of those subjects hits you in the right spot, too. So... ENJOY!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Gay Political Speedos

First up is a cover of the wretched One Direction song 'What Makes You Beautiful'. What makes this one different is the members of the band are honest about their sexuality - they're all gay - they're seriously gorgeous, and they make a number of salient and well-researched points about Mitt Romney's political platform. That's right, Rioters, there are gorgeous gay men talking politics. I mean...does it get better? 

The answer is no. No it does not.

Charlotte Church-y Ghosty Goodness

This song was released recently from the singing demigoddess herself: Charlotte Church. It's called 'How Not To Be Surprised When You're A Ghost'. It's a little weird, a little magical, and full of the kind of imagery that has officially gotten my brain wrapped around the fact that fall is coming and Halloween is right around the corner. If you've been waiting for the official kickoff to the Samhain season, I think this might be this year's All Hallow's Anthem. It doesn't look like the song is available for purchase, but you can pre-order the full EP that includes the song for $4 in the iTunes store.

Tweeny Anime Witches and Faeries and Cuteness

Mmk... So I discovered this last bit at Half Price Books yesterday. It looked cute, but I wasn't exactly sure I wanted to waste a round of mail-order DVD renting on it. Other than a good Studio Ghibli production, anime is so hit and miss with me - mostly in the 'miss' category. I generally find the storylines choppy, the pace weird, and the all-around affect confused and some mixture of overly obtuse yet atrociously acute. Luckily, I found a website called where you can stream English-dubbed anime series for free. Woohoo. Problem solved. Though the show isn't available on Netflix, that doesn't have to stop me. Also, I'm not downloading something illegally. Satisfies in my inner police officer. 

That being said, the show is called Tweeny Witches. It's about a girl that - without much explanation or reasoning - gets whisked away to a world where witches rule, faeries are hunted for their body parts, and magic and wish-granting is an everyday thing. It is definitely marketed towards a younger viewer, but I think it fits in fine with the Saturday morning cartoons I used to love - the 90s X-Men, She-Ra, He-Man (those last two especially) and the like. The first episode is below. Enjoy! Once I finish the 20 episodes of this show, I'm moving on to the 12 episodes of the Japanese X-Men. I'm excited!


  1. I love the Charlotte Church video! I imagine that is what it would be like if I suddenly decided to have a bunch of kids and we were all left to our own devices.

  2. Tweeny Witches? PFffft, I watched that anime before it was English dubbed and called Mahou Shoujo Tai. /hipstercredIDon'tReallyHave

    Seriously, it wiggy and at the same time cute. It's not a very deep anime but the style is so unique I really enjoyed it until the end! The semi-matriarchal society was an interesting and natural spin too.

  3. '' I generally find the storylines choppy, the pace weird, and the all-around affect confused and some mixture of overly obtuse yet atrociously acute. '' I understand your stance, since it's my stance on Hollywood culture XD. I'd ay the first thing to know about anime culture is that it's basically the equivalent of TV shows and movies in a cartoon form. It ranges from romance to action, from kids to adults and from awesome to purely irritating. That's why if you watch ten of those in a row, you're likely to enjoy 2 of them. And it's like another dimension, seriously. Since it's originated from Japan, you have to grasp Japanese culture(which as all the worst and all the best of mindsets in one, it's a very special culture) and mentality at least a bit, which requires a whole lot of research at the same time as you're watching. Plus there' all the jargon and wording (kawaii, shoujo, shounen, bishounen, seinen, ecchi, goumen, arigatou, OAV, etc.) that is extremely confusing at first. Add to that the ocean of possibilities, newcomers, often find themselves lost or displeased by their first tries. So I'm not surprised you're not into that.

  4. Religious freedoms and the "gay agenda are on a crash course in America and this is a speeding train no mere earthly can stop.


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