Music Review: Wild Earth Child

Jenna Greene is a musical darling in the world of podcasting. She's frequently played on all your favorite shows, including the Wigglian Way and - most recently - my show. Greene has recently released her 2nd album, Wild Earth Child, and I was lucky enough to snag a copy thanks to the generosity of Ms. Wild Earth Child herself.

You may have heard me rave about her album on a recent episode, but I hadn't actually sat down to brag about her to all of you blog readers yet. The point, my dear Rioters, is that you should buy this album. Now, it's not like a lot of the typical music I recommend. Greene's voice is airy, light, filled with a breezy soprano that instantly makes you take pause. The arrangements are symphonic and multi-layered. The most interesting thing about the album, however, is that I typically don't like music like this.

I know... I know...

But, it's true. I typically don't like someone who isn't wielding Christina Adele Whitney Carey Clarkson pipes and blasting the hell out of a beat. I love singers who sing somewhere from their ankles, who can project notes effortlessly and who can hold 10 men up with their vocal cords. Truth be told, Jenna Greene is not that singer. Her voice is thinner than I typically like. The arrangements stay in a more orchestral, organic realm than is usually found on my iPod.

And yet... I love it. Something about her album reminds me of Enya, if Enya had sass and was slightly more pagan. The reason I am currently in love with this album is because it takes me somewhere; it's meditative. The fact that she is so smart in her instrumentation and lyrical choice, allowing her words to become more of a chant blended in with the music instead of floating above it, make this a win for me. It's the perfect music to put me in a witchy mindset. Whether I'm in the kitchen baking bread - or, admittedly, pushing the button on my breadmaker - or just getting into the mood for a trip to my local witchy store, Greene's music is what does it for me.

Right now at her website - - you can purchase her new album, Wild Earth Child, for $17.50. BUT!!! If you don't have her first album, Crossroads, you can purchase both for $33! It's a tiny bit more than you might pay for an album on iTunes, but you'll be supporting a pagan artist who's putting out a quality product.

I hope you all enjoy Jenna Greene's new album. What's your favorite Wild Earth Child song? Are there any other pagan bands I should be listening to? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I actually just bought her other album, Crossroads, based on a song I heard (Brigid). Its an amazing album also.


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