Could you spare a Prayer?

Tomorrow morning, early, before most people's day gets started, Partner will be taking a test. This is the most important test of his life and career. He's taking his vet board exams.

Partner has been studying for months, devoting himself to textbooks and lecture videos, and charts, and diagrams, and learning words so long and complicated they made me want to do a slow clap for him. But, tomorrow, all that comes to a head.

So, without much fanfare, and without much in the way of sarcasm, I'm asking for your spiritual help. In situations when someone is doing something truly on their own, I know I can't study for him or test for him, or do much of anything for him. However, I can offer my energy, my prayers.

If you are so inclined, could you extend yours? Light a candle? Say a prayer? Petition your deity/deities of choice? Make a contribution of energy? All positivity is accepted on his behalf.

Thank you for anything you can offer.

*Update* FYI: the actual start time of his test is 3pm central, for those of you that use that kind of thing in your workings. Thank you again!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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