Magical Life Hack: Ring Cleansing

Working retail, you get stressed. I think you could replace the word 'retail' with just about anything except the words 'as a jobless trust fund heiress', and that sentence applies. But, here's a little tip I've picked up that helps to relieve some of that stress.

We change our clothes every day. Well, we should. The one thing(s) we typically don't change is our jewelry. For most of us, our jewelry stays the same. There's a ring or necklace or bracelet that you always wear, that means something to you, that goes with every outfit. This jewelry tends to pick up that funk that you carry around all day and builds up over time. While you can't completely get rid of all the nasty from the day, you can help keep it from building up over time until you explode by cleansing your jewelry every day.

The best, easiest, and least complicated way I've found of doing this is by keeping a little hunk of amethyst next to my bed and setting my rings on that before I go to sleep. You can get a slab like this for between $10 and $20 at a rock show or online. In the picture above you'll also see a piece of Howlite, which you can get for about $.50-$1 at most rock sellers, though they also have them at craft stores for a bit more. Howlite is a stone that kind of wipes the slate clean. It's cleansing in a clinical fashion. So, the amethyst helps to keep a peaceful, calm tone to the energy cleansing.

Anways, what are YOUR helpful daily tips? Any magical life hacks to keep things running smooth?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

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  1. You know it's a strange one but I saw it on some talk show and it really works. You go into the bathroom and you punch, kick and act you are a super hero or Jackie Chan or something of that nature. MAKE SURE NO ONE SEES YOU! I also work in a high volume retail store so I feel you.

  2. Hmmmm... OK, I light incense every morning and I say a little morning prayer. It sets a tone. I have this thing I do at the barn where the last act I do before I leave is to walk to my horse's stall (usually give him a peppermint which believe me he expects) and tell him goodbye and "ill see ya tomorrow". Again, it sets a tone. Like you with the rings - these things don't seem magical to others but they clean my mind and settle me.

  3. I drop most of my jewelry into a bowl of salt I leave on an altar for that purpose.


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