Mighty Fine Mabon & Shout Outs!

Today I had the privilege of being a headlining speaker at the Northern Illinois Pagan Alliance's Fall Festival in Rockford, IL. I discussed the current state of the pagan community and the need for tolerance, inclusion, and spread the word about Project Pagan Enough. It was an awesome experience. They made me feel like a rock star, Big Name Pagan for a day, which was a great Sabbat gift.

The Autumnal Equinox was a beautiful, crisp, cool midwestern day here in Chicagoland. It was the kind of weather where a jacket would make me too warm, and going without makes you too cold. I went sans jacket and thought Being too warm wouldn't have been so bad. There were all kinds of great sellers, some delicious burgers and hot dogs, a drumming circle, and, of course, a wizard.

Also, at the Unitarian Universalist church in Rockford (which, by the way, is GORGEOUS...I could easily see myself attending if it were closer), there was a little path that led down to a seating area where some drummers were pounding away. I stayed to listen briefly, but I could have sat there for hours.

There were some pretty cool shops that I thought deserved a blog shout out, each of them making my Mabon just a bit more awesome. All links and information below.

How did YOU spend YOUR Mabon?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Three Little Lasses book series

What a strange occurrence to find a woman at a pagan festival wearing adult-sized fairy wings. This time, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see she was peddling the most darling series of children's books. Author Sandra McCone's The Three Little Lasses series was created in order to tell the stories of the Celtic Wheel of the Year to children ages 4-9, but they're so cute that just about anyone would want them in their home. Out of a planned 5 books, there are 4 published so far. 

The stories aren't very long, but they're perfect for reading to young children and illustrated beautifully. 

For more about the Three Little Lasses series by Sandra McCone, head over to her website where you can find out more about the books, the author, and find links to purchase them!

(She also makes these gorgeous faery terrariums, where she says she finds faeries that are injured or otherwise in need of a home and gives them a place to rest and thrive. Gift ideas for Yule already!)

Sadly, you can't buy them online, and must find her at a show to purchase them. But, aren't they darling!?
Kate's Pie Shop

Otherwise known as OMG AWESOME PIES! There was this delightful tent selling the most delightful variations of apple pies especially for Mabon. I cannot say enough about how awesome her food was, or about how great her prices were! Kate's Pie Shop is a made-to-order online pie store where you can choose your pie and have it delivered to your door. Pop it in your oven or microwave for a couple minutes, and you have seriously toe-curlingly excellent pie. She makes them in all different sizes. I chose the Cutie Pie, which was just enough for one person, in the Butterscotch Apple flavor. It ended up being my entire Sabbat feast. 

You should absolutely head over to KatesPieShop.com (and record store) to pick out your pie today! Now, drool over these pics.

The most perfect Mabon feast ever.


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