So... So... Blocked

Usually around this time of year my creative juices get flowing. Going back through old journals, something happens when the leaves turn colors and the air gets chilled. I write poetry. Tons of poetry. I write a short story or three. October sees me sketching and painting, and I'm just generally creatively fertile around this time.

Not so much this year, apparently.

See, October 2012 has brought with it some blessings and some curve balls. I've gotten a(nother) promotion at work. This promotion came with a move to a location farther from my home. It also comes with more hours. I'm working a minimum 40 hour week, which has been resulting in an actually worked 50 hour week, plus the hours on the road for the commute, which brings my work week to around 70 hours on average.

I'm working out less than I was, meaning my juices just aren't flowing in a very real way. I come home utterly unbelievably zapped, wanting to crawl into a bowl of pasta and then head to bed. Today, for example, was supposed to be a fairly early day for me. Then, I get to work, realize I have 2 people called off for the day, and my 7 hour work day turned into an 11.5 hour work day. All the plans I had to come home, go for a quick run, and then write and record my long-awaited (a bit over a month) Episode 74 kind of got ruined. I sat down to polish up a couple of the segments and simply went blank. The notes I had made were nowhere to be found, and while I can recreate the outline I simply was at a loss for some of the content. Not one bit of creativity could be found in the recesses of my consciousness to be witty or funny or dramatic or entertaining in any way.

Also, this past week, Partner's been gone. He comes back tomorrow. His absence affected me in a way I've not really dealt with before. I'm used to having this sort of happily chaotic energy about myself. But, when he left, I kind of went a bit flat. I don't know how else to explain it. It's like I became the most boring version of myself possible.

Here's the worst bit: I didn't even bother to learn a new word every day. I know. That's saying something for me. My little Word-A-Day calendar hasn't been used since last weekend. I feel as though it's judging me.

I've had tiny bursts of creativity with my sketches, but for the most art, no poetry. I'm just a big hole of suck this month.

REST ASSURED!!!!! YOU WILL HAVE A HALLOWEEN EPISODE FROM ME!!!! To be followed (I really, really hope) by an interview show. Then, things will be some kind of back on track in the vein of Riotous podcasting.

But, I could use a bit of an energetic perking up. So, if you have any spare creative sparks or insightful energy lying around, light a Babylon candle and send it my way. (That is a shameless Stardust reference.)

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. You're not the only one! I can feel the creative juices damming up but I'm too tired to let it out. We don't mind if the shows are late, we all love you anyway.

    P.S. Love the Neil Gaiman reference! I just finished rereading that book.


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