teetering (New Poem) & Book News!

I'm organizing my poetry collection for its first official publication. Upon the advice of some friends who are authors or are in publishing or are just friends, I'll be putting it out myself. It will be available in both printed and Kindle format. Pricing is going to be really, really reasonable. (Like...under $10 for a print and under $5 for eBook...still figuring out the details.) I have an ISBN number already. Woot!

Hopefully some of you out there will like my poetry enough to want a book of it...maybe you'll tell your friends and they'll buy it, too? That would just be the bee's knees.

Ok... All that out of the way, here's a new poem. Not in the collection. From my fancy new poetry journal. Wrote it today. How many of you can relate?


When I am alone
and the only eyes observing
are pets and clock faces
as long as I don't look down
waistlines return to a night
when I owned the moon and
the beat of electronic temptation.

When moves were fresh and
sharp, crunchy and bony
not yet oiled or filled in.

When I am alone
there is still all the possibility
brought by screaming fans
embarrassing acceptance speeches
and a waistline not yet filled in
as long as I don't look down.


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