With a piece of chalk

For me it was theatre and poetry working in tandem to keep me sane, keep me fulfilled, and keep my star burning bright enough that nobody else could squelch the light. For me it was bloody poetry that poured from my veins like I'd made a proper vertical incision on my wrist that kept me from carrying out the act. For me it was a spotlight and speaking events that nobody attended or cared about, but that I dominated and set records in and excelled.

For me
It was realizing that 

they didn't control me
or my light
and not even my dark

because I am the spark

the light of the whole



And they could never, ever put it out.

For this boy, it is a piece of chalk and killer dance moves. Click to watch the movie below. It will steal your heart.

Bullies are wicked things. What was your sanity? What was your light?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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