Writing to God

Recently, I've taken up journaling. Again. I used to journal in high school - side note, if you ever happen to run across a brown leather bound journal with the word JOURNAL embossed on the front and all my deeply personal crazy scrawled across the pages...I lost my high school journal back in college. It's somewhere between Texas and West Virginia. So...you know...keep a look out.

This time, however, I've taken up journaling my prayers. Like to god. God. G-d. Whatever. To THAT that is.

As you know, I've been having some personal issues regarding deity, belief, etc. My response to all of that was the decision that I needed some kind of faith in my life. Something that connects me to the infinite. And, I get that on some level, my words might only be written down on paper in a black leather journal, but I've decided not to care. The act is cathartic at least and deeply spiritual at best.
I'd been toying with the idea of journaling for a while. Gratitude journals have sort of been all the rage in the last decade, and I had thought about doing something like that. But, I didn't. Art journaling is gorgeous, but so involved I just cannot honestly give it the go that someone like Effy Wild can. The bit of art I can do here and there is enough for me right now.

Seriously, the woman is so good.
So I'm praying to god in a journal. I don't know where it goes from here. Do you write prayers? Is there anything you've gotten from it? Any pitfalls? By the gods, I've already gotten so personal in that journal..... I can only think of what might happen should I take it on vacation and forget it. Well, I know what would happen. I'd buy another one. So, it lives in what passes for a night stand. (Seriously, all I want for my birthday is money towards new furniture.)

What does prayer in your household look like? Bent knee and bowed head at bedtime? Held hands at the dinner table? Ecstatic dance to electropop music in the den?

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Prayer for me is all of the above, and more. It's usually just having a conversation with God/dess, and for the most part it's pretty mundane and boring, everyday stuff...Which is exactly what prayer is for! I have some very formal rituals, and some not so formal ones. I find 'walking and talking' is good. There are times to hold hands at the dinner table for "food, friends and fellowship". As a people who are so bound to Nature,I'm frankly surprised that a few words of thanks at every meal is skipped over by the majority of us. Prayer doesn't belong to any particular religious tradition-we can't use that excuse in this case.
    Good luck on your journey.

  2. Prayer for me is mostly lying in bed as I fall asleep. I take deep meditative breaths to ground and center then begin. Sometimes it's audible and others it's silent. I may sing, chant, hum or even cry. Otherwise I pray to deity wherever and whenever the urge strikes me. Especially when someone is in need.

  3. Wow the journal is a great idea. I'm also going through a time of questioning. Actually I've been told recently I'm pretty shutdown!Life has knocked me around a bit and I think I've forgotten how to even pray/connect with God/Goddess. Thank you for the idea. How is it working for you?

  4. I can't quite put a finger on what specifically, God/Goddess, sure, I guess is as good a term as any, but I've often spoken to *something*. It usually starts without my realizing it, while walking in the woods or gardening.
    In writing I've often written "prayers"? to the dead. Sometimes I still feel the urge to write to them, though I haven't in quite some time.


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