Little Witch Academia & Bubbles are people

Yesterday was seasonably warm. I almost typed unseasonably, because just a few days ago I was mulling over whether I should buy one more sweater this season or if I could wait. Let us all hope and pray that, with Beltane just 3 days away, we are finally - FINALLY - out of winter. But, it is the end of April and beginning of May and that makes it seasonably warm to be in the upper 60s.

I was sitting on a bench outside of my store enjoying the sunshine for the first time this year, and I wrote a poem. Now, a bit of me wants to make some sort of significance about the subject of that poem and the fact that Partner's family experienced a loss yesterday around the same time I was writing. But, we all know where my head has been lately, so this poem should come as no surprise.

I've been writing a lot more lately, but this one I liked. At the bottom of the poem is a movie about witches. So, stick around. The poem is called 'Bubbles are people'.

Bubbles are people and the
air in them are souls and
it all comes from the great
3-year-old at the end of the
fiery cold universe
waving around a wand
dancing in a field

like a stock photo

the perfect toothy smile
staring at us from behind
every pane of glass at
your store of choice's
frame aisle

a black and white window
into stock photo heaven.

Maybe that is heaven.
to become photoshopped and perfect,
hanging out with your
seven perfect
brothers at the end of a
pier in New England somewhere.

fragile fleeting
soap bubble spheres waiting to
be replaced by your less than
perfect Christmas photo
where the dog just wouldn't
look at the camera.

I stumbled across the most adorable little short film called Little Witch Academia this past week. I kept it in my cloud reader for the past several days, because I just never found the time and blah blah blah. I finally watched it last night, and it is adorable. And, here's the best part, you can watch it in its entirety at the bottom of this blog post! I KNOW!!! 

The film is part of a Japanese government project called Anime Mirai, or the Young Animator Training Project, funded by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Though it is only a one-shot, many people around the internet are hoping and praying this somehow gets picked up for a full series. It is delightful, if squarely in the realm of Anime that has been derived from more western ideas - Harry Potter, chief amongst them. Despite any shortcomings, of which there are few if any, you can watch the whole bow-slinging, spell casting, wand waving, dragon hunting, Sorcerer Stone saving, bippity boppity boo-ness of the 26-minute short film/let's hope it eventually gets called the 'pilot episode'. 


Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I love it! And a part of me always does a happy dance when I see that you've blogged or podcasted. So sorry for Partner and family. I'll light a candle for all of you.


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