Inciting A Riot's 2013 Swag Draw! Seeking Sponsors!

It's that time of year again, Rioters! Time to pay the bills and plan for the new year. The Riot has been going strong this year of our Lord 2013, and for that strength we must pay. But, first, we must have a swag draw!

Every year, the Riot has a wonderful array of prizes that await those of you generous Rioters who keep the pitchforks sharp, the torches lit, and do the little pay Podbean for a year of hosting 2 different shows, along with various fees, costs, and things incidental to running this show.

This year promises to be much, much bigger. There are HUGE things in the work for the coming season, but they require even more moolah than in years past. So, I'm hoping to make this year's swag draw much, much bigger!

Here goes...

If you are an artist, a musician, an author, or producer of anything tangible, I'm here to ask if you'd like to sponsor this year's swag draw. I've already got some great products from authors like Kelley Armstrong and Rob Kroese, there will be items from Torch & Paintbrush, and our sponsors will get in on the action as well. But, I'm hoping to make this year's THANK YOU presents to three lucky donors even bigger.

So, if you'd like to sponsor the swag draw, here are the details:

  • There are 3 prizes. 1 grand prize with lots of insanely awesome goodies that will go to one lucky donor. 2 runner-up prizes that are also very awesome. 
  • We need books, artwork, gift certificates to your online store, CDs, and more to fill these boxes full!
  • The swag draw will run through the first week of October this year so that the donor gifts can arrive in time for Halloween/Samhain.
Please email for any and all swag draw sponsorship entries. I'd prefer you not use social media or the comments section of this blog post to inquire or offer sponsorship.

Thank you all again!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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