Episode 81: Inciting An Unverified Riot

Episode 81: Inciting An Unverified Riot

News: Trail Life USA, Voyager 1, Navy Shooting, Syria, Peeing in Shenzhen China, Jihawg Bullets, A magical coconut plays politics.

Music used in this show: Instead by Stacie Orrico & Citizen of the Planet by Alanis Morissette

WOTD: Tergiversation

Teach Me Tarot: Liz presents The Emperor

Sociology: Copyright infringement

Spirituality: Unverified/Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis

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Twitter - @IncitingARiot 


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Fire Lyte


  1. That whole thing with the pork infused bullet coatings was really just ... sick. Wow, how idiotic and sick are people, really? Thank you for finally stopping. I wish more people had the information and knowledge about Islam that you do.

  2. Great episode and please forgive the large commentary that I am posting below. I have the time and I am in deep thoughts LOL

    1.) I wish I could have made it up to Chicago, maybe next year. It sounds like it was a blast.

    2.) Pork Infused bullets- eww. That is really all that needs to be said about that.

    3.) Syria- Syria is a cluster fuck that I am not even sure anyone really understand why the hell they are doing what they are doing. Chemical weapons are atrocious, yet simply we can not afford another war. We have so many problems here that need to be fixed, we need to get our own issues corralled before we get bogged down in another war that we are going to fight two sides (the government and the citizen gorilla fighter.) We are not the World police as much as we want to puff our chests out. If we want to stay a world leader, we need to reinvest in schools and sciences and medical research.

    4.)Navy Yard shooting- Why can we not have logical and well thought out debates on mental health help AND logical gun control in this country? Why does it seem people are just going to accept these kinds of shooting episodes as the way things are?

    5.)Voyager- We have started to boldly go where man has never gone before. This is amazing and hopefully we will be able to start studying on how to get people out there. We left the cradle :)

    6.) You put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up...I got nothing.

    7.) Now that you told us about the images with the original Blog post, I have been doing it constantly and I hate to admit been monitoring Facebook groups to see if they are giving credit. I have, since the Blog post, dropped several Facebook groups that were horrible violators of this and who acted like children when you were trying to get the entire article together (you know, like CoaCW). Pagans and Witches have this idea that the Craft should be free for the masses. Our Ancestors would laugh. Teaching any trade or craft was never free, nor were the services provided. People paid for the healing, cursing, divination, etc with either money or trade goods. This notion that we are entitled to the lessons of BNP authors is erroneous and harmful to the people that do these works (authors and artists). As an aside...do we really want to piss off fellow witches? I mean really?

    8.) The idea of any personal gnosis, unverified or unsubstantiated, has been a thorny problem for awhile in the occult community. The most hardliners against it are usually found in the Heathen/Asatru community. I think that what needs to be remembered is that these experiences are personal gnosis. I follow a more...shamanic way of doing things (trance work, spirit allies, etc) and a lot of what I experience is unverified and unsubstantiated, but that doesn't make it less true. What I experience is for me and for me alone. I do not feel the need to share it on the mountain tops because in the end it is a personal message for my own spiritual growth. Being a natural skeptic though, sometimes I do more digging and research before I take a revelation as gospel that I need to follow.

    Great podcast and I was so happy I was able to listen to it all the way through in one go rather than having to break it apart. :D

  3. I am a regular reader of your blog, and I listened to your podcast this afternoon, and as I don't usually have the patience for this kind of stuff, I was rather surprised that I listened to the whole thing. I was impressed by the way you speak, nice and clear, able to understand every word. I realize that much of it was probably read directly from your posts on the various topics but even the ad-libbed parts had a lot of thought behind them. The thing that always annoys me the most, was absent with you, so I loved listening. It drives me crazy when people speak, and every third word there is the ....uummm......, like they can't think that far ahead. I can't sit through many presentations whether TV, Radio, or in person because the "uummms" drive me crazy! Your show had a wonderful flow, and interesting commentary. I really enjoyed it, thank you!
    That said, I thought of something with regard to the pork covered bullets. You mentioned that if someone were to use those bullets to harm a Muslim person, if they died they would go to their hell because of the pork. I just have to ask, do you think the person killed would need to KNOW that the pork is there? If you didn't know it was there, how would your soul know? How could the soul know where to go, if your mind didn't have conscious knowledge of it ahead of time? Just something to make you go "hmmmm...."
    Can't wait for the next podcast!


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