Samhain Swag Draw 2013!

After much anticipation, I'm very happy to announce this year's Samhain Swag Draw! As you all know, it costs quite a bit of money to maintain the Riot. Once a year, just in time for Samhain, it comes time for Inciting A Riot to pay its bills. And, what bills are those?

  • Podcast hosting fees for 2 shows - the Riot and Inciting A Brewhaha.
  • Skype premium costs - for all those interviews you love, plus Teach Me Tarot with Liz.
  • Software upgrades and site maintenance. 
  • Web hosting/domain fees.
  • Incidental costs.
Now, I happily pay these out of my own pocket throughout the year, but once a year I put it out there for you, the Rioters, to donate to cover some of these costs if you so choose. Inciting A Riot is a labor of love, which, granted, isn't labored on quite enough for my liking, but it's been regularly producing podcast content and blog articles for 4 years now. FOUR YEARS! Cannot believe it! 

And, because I'm a glutton for punishment, in 2014 I will be - in conjunction with Mnemosyne Mars of Pagan by Nature - launching a new project that will be of (I think) great benefit to the pagan online community as a whole. But, until all the details on that are ironed out, I'm going to stay mum. 

ALSO!!! Coming very, very soon, I'll be working to turn Project Pagan Enough into a real, true, honest to goodness Project. An academic study for the pagan community. In conjunction with a graduate program at the University of North Texas, we'll be studying the experience of pagans before and after their transition to becoming pagan. Again, more on that later. 

Suffice to say, there are some really special things that are about to happen with the Riot. Not to mention upcoming interviews with your favorite Big Name Pagans (Dorothy Morrison & Christopher Penczak, anyone?), much, much more Teach Me Tarot, all your favorite Riots, and even more conversations between myself and Velma over at Inciting A Brewhaha. 

Naturally, I would never expect you to just give over your hard earned money without there being something in it for you. That's where the Swag Draw comes in! 

Every Rioter who makes a donation between now (September 22, 2013) and October 19, 2013 will be entered to WIN one of three amazing prize packages. That's right... Prize packages. We don't just give away one thing. We do this baby right. Thanks to some very generous sponsors and publishers, this year's set of prizes is worth over $500! You don't have to donate a certain amount to win any certain prize. I want to say thank you to those who keep the Riot afloat, so whether you donate $1 or $100, your entry carries equal weight. 

But EVERYONE who donates will be getting a special shout out during an October edition of the show. 

Want to see what you can win?

Grand Prize

For one lucky Rioter, you'll be taking home this Grand Prize package:

Kelley Armstrong's latest novel. A Hipster Halloween greeting card from Torch & Paintbrush. A mini altar kit from Sosanna's Closet. A wand and mini athame from Eliora.

A greeting card from artist Fanie Gregoire.

A Blessed Samhain wall plaque from Saga's Cottage.
As you can see, this is one prize package worth taking home. And, all your Samhain themed goodies will be to you just in time to make your home extra witchy for Halloween!

1st Runner Up

The 1st Runner Up prize package looks a little something like this:

A set of greeting cards from Saga's Cottage. A greeting card from Fanie Gregoire.

A mini decorative besom from Eliora. The new novel 'Frozen' by Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston. A pentacle bracelet from Sosanna's Closet.

As you can see, we didn't skimp on the runner up prize package. But... I'm not done!

2nd Runner Up

For the 3rd place finisher, you'll receive all of this:

A Bast print from Fanie Gregoire. 2 Goddess ornaments from Eliora. A print from Saga's Cottage. A pentacle necklace from Sosanna's Closet. The new novel 'Schrödinger's Gat' from Robert Kroese.

I'm kind of jealous of the three lucky Rioters who will be receiving these items. I've been staring at them for a couple of weeks, just waiting to make this announcement. (Do you have any idea how hard it was not to read these books?!)

To enter the contest, you can click the PayPal donate button at the top left of the screen and enter any amount of your choosing. As I said, the contest is fair play. Any donor could win! 

This is my way of saying THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to you Rioters who have kept Inciting A Riot, Inciting A Brewhaha, Project Pagan Enough, and all my other endeavors alive and ticking on the internet. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your friendship. Thanks for your patience and seeing me and the Riot through during rough times. And thank you for keeping the torches lit, the pitchforks sharpened, and the Riot as Inciting as ever!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!

I would be remiss if I didn't thank our GENEROUS sponsors for the 2013 Swag Draw. Won't you click over and give them your business?

Saga's Cottage Storybook Art:

Torch & Paintbrush:


  1. I can relate. I am the marching, protesting ex-hippy,liberal pagan gardener who dragged her kids to pagan gatherings and peace dancing and lives in the moment.

  2. I know I already made one donation...but I wanted to make another and here's why: I've read your blogs and loved them so very much. However, I never had time (nor smartphone technology) to listen to the podcasts until recently. I drive all over NJ for various meetings and finally tuned in to one of the podcasts to keep me company. made long drives seem so much shorter and much more fun! If you could get me through that, I wanted to make sure I did my part in keeping YOU going so you could keep ME going. Thank you and I hope my little bit helps.


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