Announcements & Upcoming Events! (Dorothy Morrison, Hocus Pocus, & Hobby Lobby)

Rioters! Wanted to keep you all abreast (giggle) of a couple of upcoming events and then share an interesting news story with you lovely folks.

First things first. This is a good one. Drum roll, please...


You are not hallucinating. You are not having a fever dream. This is REALLY happening! And, it's happening really soon. This Friday, in fact. I'm sharing this with you in advance, because I wanted to give you all the chance to ask Dorothy Morrison a question. Any question at all!

Have you ever wondered where she comes up with all her spells? What's her favorite potion? How many fairies has she met? Does she prefer to ride her broom side-saddle or straight on?

Email your best questions for the Head Witch in Charge to with the subject line 'Question for Dorothy' so it won't get lost in my inbox.

Hocus Pocus Craft Fair

This Saturday, I'll be at the Hocus Pocus Craft Fair in Midlothian, IL from 11am-6pm! Hope to see you all at Witchy Wearables! Torch & Paintbrush - my Etsy shop - will be debuting new products and paintings. Prices start at $3, so there's something for everyone!

Many other crafters will be there, as well, selling Halloween themed merchandise. It's the perfect time to shop local and get yourself set up for Samhain. ( case you were wondering...I *might* be reading some of my fairy tales throughout the day as well as recording this year's Hallowed Riot. If you come, you might hear a ghost story!)

Hobby Lobby Crossover Discussion

From time to time, a discussion builds up on Facebook that I think is blog-worthy. Now, instead of reblogging it, I post up the actual Facebook thread so you get a chance to engage in dialogue with other Rioters around the world. This instance brings us the topic of Hobby Lobby's continued defiance of the Affordable Healthcare Act - a law enacted in 2010 that just went into effect yesterday - and insistence that they be allowed to shirk women of basic healthcare coverage because they believe that's what Yahweh wants. 


No way.


(By the way, while you're on Facebook, consider Liking Inciting A Riot's page!) 

Post by Fire-Lyte Rioter.

Swag Draw Reminder

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Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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