The Call of the Fox.

For those of you who've been following my artistic journey, you know about my Trickster series. Paintings featuring Loki, Raven, and Fox. Fox... He's shown up in both paintings so far. And, now he's started to take over my decorating. As you can see from above, my household altar - the one with the candles always lit and all the daily goings on happening - used to be a Fortuna altar. Then I was given an owl. And then I found another owl. And a jade frog happened. And after a trip to the Big Red Dot...Fox. Finally. Fox has made his way to my household altar.

And my feet. Yes, those are Fox socks. (You can get those, as well, at the Big Red Dot.)

Conveniently available here

Available here

Fox shows up in my art, and he's got plans to show up in some more.

Now, I've never had a patron deity. I've never had anyone (should that be anyOne if I'm talking about gods?) express any kind of interest in me. Honestly, I've always thought all the talk of having deities call to you was more a way to say "I really like Deity X, and I would like to subscribe to their newsletter". But, I think it's time to admit that Fox might be saying Howdy.

Here's where the skeptical side of my head pops in. What, exactly, do I think is going on? Maybe I am just enjoying Fox iconography. Maybe my tastes are evolving to include fuzzy, red fur balls. Maybe there's an element of the traditional Trickster archetype that's speaking to me on a subconscious and spiritual level through the voice or face or whatnot of Fox.

And what does it say if the Trickster element is speaking to me right now? What does it say if cute, cuddly red dog-cousins are roaming my dreams? Who in the world knows... But, I think it's safe to say...

Are you there, Fox? It's me... Fire Lyte.

I'd be interested in hearing about YOUR experiences with attention from an unexpected or unlikely deity. When have you felt a pull towards a specific God, Goddess, Spirit, Pantheon, etc.? How did you recognize that pull? Did the deity's images start popping up everywhere, or was it in dreams? Or, did you come home one day to find the Morrighan in your kitchen making paella? 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. This post totally needs fox lying in the pool :)


  3. Congrats on your discovery!! I hope your journey is full of fun and joy!
    I never knew what to think of that kind of thing, either. It's hard to describe and I think everyones experiences are different. In my case, it's half experimentation (ie: I'm just kind of hoping for feedback from X and am just going with it) and part is actual feedback (ie: I briefly studied a deity, then felt I didn't have a connection with Her and gave up on Her only to be surprised a year or so later with a sudden very specific and unusual dream that played itself out the following week). Another was like yours in a way, a deity kept showing up in my fiction writing and, more than any other deity in my writing, I felt something happening with Her and traced a connection back to some other things in my life and had a powerful feeling that I can't really explain and who knows, may be a bunch of hooey, but it works for me. Finally, there was another deity I studied for some time, felt that things in my life pointed to His realm of influence and I liked His image overall, so I'd use His name and image in prayer. One day, during a ritual lead by someone else among people I barely knew and that I was only attending for the social aspect, I had what I'm going to call a "vision" that literally took me to my knees (which was about as embarrassing as it sounds in front of all these people I didn't know very well) and He sort of said (to paraphrase the feeling I got), "Well, fine then. You wanted me to show up, here I am. I've made my requisite appearance, now get back to work!" I believe in many, many, many deities, but I tend to only follow and work with the ones Isense have reached back when I've reached out.
    Best Blessings!

  4. This fall I had someone claiming to be the Voudou god of death, Baron Samedi, show up in my dreams twice in a row. At first, I saw him from afar (at a crossroads, no less) in the dream and was attempting to not make eye contact, thereby avoiding a conversation because he was throwing off trickster vibes AND he was essentially death personified. I was hoping he'd just sort of pass on through and we would have no contact because this isn't someone I would voluntarily choose to work with. And what happened? He walked right up to me and said hi. And of course, I was skeptical of him for quite awhile, but there was some practical advice on grief given and, of course, I did research both on Voudou and on Baron Samedi. I would say that, since he's shown up, it's led to more ancestor type work. And he was a HUGE inspiration in planning a Samhain ritual I conducted with friends this year.

  5. I've written about my goddess, Cailleach Bhearra, who pretty much stalked me until I said hi. When I wasn't really in the mood. And I'm, y'know, the world's biggest skeptic. Yep, I think it can happen!

    - Naomi/Sophia

  6. My totem ended up being the Ground Hog. I was stunned and not expecting it, I had put out the intention of finding what animal totem guides me and I was sure it would be a raven, or perhaps the horse. You know something special and noble. Everywhere I looked all I saw were ground hogs. I would be in the car or on a bike and past dozens of them. I kept thinking, this is silly I will never find my noble totem if these ground hogs don't get lost. One day I was riding my bike and a baby ground hog ran across the path and under my wheel no matter how quick I tried to stop. It sat up and chittered at me and then took off. At that moment, the light bulb went on and I realized that it was the Ground Hog and that there was much more to them than I had thought. So, yes it can happen!

  7. Yes, yes indeed I can relate to this. I had been researching right and left, doing all the things a responsible newbie Pagan does. I started with pantheons and ideas close to my ethnic origin. I read up on deities I was familiar with to see if anything gelled. But nothing felt real until I tripped over my deities. I wasn't quite sure at first. They seemed so very different from what I expected. So at first I ignored it. But yes, I did have odd coincidences, dreams, odd meditation imagery that would pop up again in real life that made me dig a little further. So I followed those persistent tugs down the rabbit hole. And I found that when I started working with Them as patrons, things just seemed to click. Everything got a bit better and the nonsense started to make sense.

    So I'd say, read up on it. Make notes when the symbol appears. Take notes of the context it appears in, what your emotional state is, all that jazz. See if there are any patterns that keep coming up. See if there are any tantalizing lines of research that open up when you explore it. Good luck Firelyte!

  8. When I was a child a friend and I had someone we referred to as the forest goddess and described her as made of flowers. When I was 10 or 11 I was prescribed Ritalin and I couldn't hear her any more. Fast forward to high school and I decided to stop taking Ritalin, I discovered paganism the same year thinking back on it. Over the years I looked at different traditions and pantheons. There was a few years where I actually stopped searching, tired of the close but not right for me results. It was podcasts that got me started again(PCP was my first and they plugged yours, it kind of snowballed from there). Then last year I stumbled onto the OBOD website, bumped into someone who I hadn't seen since high school, and who was also interested in Druidry. I am now half way through the bardic grade and I feel I can say the goddess is Blodeuwedd. Right when I was on the fence about whether I should approach her or not, there were a handful of events that happened that told me I didn't need to approach her, she was already there.

  9. Hey Fire Lyte,

    My son has a thing for foxes. Despite the fact that my "everything" tends to revolve around Wolves, and his name (Connor) can be roughly translated to dog (or wolf) lover, he is a fool for Foxes (and he most definitely has the whole "trickster" thing down). He's got a pair of fox ears and a tail that we got from RenFest and he has a stuffed fox toy ( which is great if you happen to want a cute cuddly representation of a fox that looks fairly realistic. Just a thought.



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