Coming home tonight I'd almost forgotten about the full moon. Silly, right? I get so tied up thinking about work, dinner, the Christmas decorations that I still need to put in the attic. (After first taking them down...) The book I'm dying to finish. The gym I will be ignoring.

Am I the only one that doesn't mind decorations staying up a little too long?

And then I parked my car in my garage, walked to my mailbox, and looked up. There she was. 

I knew that on this brilliant, cloudless night, my words would be heard. My prayers lifted on beams of silver to the heavens. For the face of the Goddess was most definitely shining on me. 

Funny, because I am so rarely sure of things in the spiritual. I operate on a principal of automatic disbelief until I learn more, read more, hear more, see more. I think new or different things sound interesting, even fantastical, but I am so rarely willing to give over to them. 

Which leaves me feeling


But tonight, under this moon, and Her face, and seeing not only a cloudless sky but a seeming call to lay down arms. To accept and be beguiled and enjoy the Mystery. 

If only for this one cloudless, blissful night of hot cocoa and warm blankets and porch sitting deciding to believe all over again.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I've felt a little unsettled until this full moon;glad I'm not alone in that feeling. Yes, hot chocolate, warm blankets and porch sitting ( in my case, on the balcony) has been a miraculous cure. I normally go to the Place of Deep Indwelling this time of year to find myself, but sometimes, as you've pointed out, you just have to allow yourself to be cloaked in the Divine where you find it ( or where She find you).


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