Episode 84: Inciting A Superhero Riot

Episode 84: Inciting A Superhero Riot! 

Happy New Year, Rioters, and happy 5 years of Rioting here on the blog! 

News: Gay Rights in the United States in 2013; #SFBatkid; Sylvia Browne has died; Megyn Kelly thinks everyone is white; Time Travelers aren’t on Social Media.

WOTD: Hibernaculum 

Tarot - Hierophant
Literature - Top 5 favorite books of 2013

Poetry - The Playground (found at bit.ly/ThePlayground)

Spirituality -  The problem with Spiritual Superheroes: Duck Dynasty, Teo Bishop, & Pope Francis.

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Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. Making roast butternut squash soup in a clean kitchen, listening to your dulcet tones while The Hubster takes The Witchlets to the library. Bliss!!!


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