Art Flood Sale

As many of you know, my home was flooded a few weeks ago. We're still fighting with the insurance company over exactly how much they plan to cover. (Apparently 100% doesn't mean what it used to mean.) As such, I have realized exactly how much art I have on my walls and need to store long-term.

So, I'm having a flood sale! I know a lot of you have been so generous with your positive comments in the past regarding my artwork - - and have expressed you'd like to buy an original piece. Now is your chance.

Today through Sunday, March 16, I'm letting you take 40% off every purchase over $10. So, anyone who's been wanting an original painting from's a great time to make that happen. It's a huge help, because I wouldn't have to store it...and the money doesn't hurt either.

Head on over to Torch And Paintbrush to take a peek and see what you'd like to take home today!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Below are some examples of my artwork... Enjoy!


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